Demobama Versus Republicain

This appears as a comment to an AlterNet article titled “Why Obama’s Message Resonates with Millions” by Matt Taibbi. The article is fine, but this faux conversation between competing wings of the Money Party says more than most of us are willing to admit.

Richard Jehn / The Rag Blog

They’re back… and they’re doin’ it again.
By Chlamor / September 9, 2008

Demobama: “We love the miltary, they are all heroes, we honor their service…”
Republicain: “I was the military; I should be honored…”

Demobama: “We don’t oppose all war; we are just against the way war is handled.”
Republicain: “Didn’t you hear me? I am the military. Who can handle war better?”

Demobama: “Gas prices are really high. We favor all kinds of indistinct measures to fix them.”
Republicain: “We favor the same indistinct shit (what is the harm?) plus we wanna drill everywhere – Hummers are us.

Demobama: “The economy is terrible. We want a middle class tax break.”
Republicain: “We want a tax break for everybody – we are more egalitarian.”

Demobama: “We want indistinct change and meaningless experience.”
Republicain: “We want meaningless experience and indistinct change – better ordering.”

Demobama: “Women’s issues are really important. That is why we are for abortion.”
Republicain: “Hell, we gotta a girl… err, ‘woman’.”

Demobama: “Since we live in a post racial era, our guy is black but it don’t mean nothin’.”
Republicain: “Since it don’t mean nothin’, we stopped paying attention.”

Demobama: “We are really really smart and entitled. We should win.”
Republicain: “Lots of people hate ‘entitled’. We are billionaire homies.”

Demobama: “We want to invite the Republicans into our ruling coalition.”
Republicain: “We are Republicans. We don’t need to invite nobody.”

Demobama: “Don’t worry, we won’t really change too much.”
Republicain: “Ditto…”

Demobama: “We are certain voters are stupid so we will wow ’em with fireworks and not distract them with substance.”
Republicain: “We will see your ‘stupid’ and raise you ten thousand ‘floating chrysanthemums of cynicism’.”

…and so it goes.

Source / AlterNet

Thanks to Diane Stirling-Stevens / The Rag Blog

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2 Responses to Demobama Versus Republicain

  1. Isn’t that just the best! I wish I could ‘connect’ with the guy who wrote this.

    A friend of mine (Wayne) has his own blog called ‘On transmigration’. Wayne never finishes an entry, but what his last line reads:

    ..and so it goes.

    I think I’ll copy this to him, and see if by any chance he might be the author. Diane

  2. Anonymous says:

    Richard – many of us admit to the near-truths displayed in this faux conversation. But don’t dismiss as cowardly those who try to support the lesser of evils -the realistic choice appears to be Obidma or McPain & we’re not masochists

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