EVA BUSH (More Braun Than Brains)

[singing fun for the whole family,
to the tune of “Peggy Sue”]

you used to be Laura
but you married that horror
your crime may be subliminable
but you married a war criminable
oh Eva, oh Eva bush
you know I love that Bush
that pretty Eva Bush

she used to be a teacher
but now we can’t reach her
she banned those peace poets
Eva we didn’t think you’d ho’ it

would a paragon of morals
rest on Iraqi corpses’ laurels
though her outfits are tres slimming
she’s a big ol Stepford lemming

Eva’s known to love books
and highpowered Enron crooks
but I guess she’s not that brainy
cause she loves the wrong Cheney

we knew that George is without sin
and should’ve known that he would win
when Eva came up with the plan
for naked pyramids of man

Eva’s big boy loves his bike
and there’s no pantsuit she won’t like
but they were made for each other
cause she turned out like his mother

Eva loves her cowpoke
and tells a great horse penis joke
though she wears those pantsuits like a burka
she’s a Norman Rockwell berserker

Now Eva loves to wave
and she’d never hurt her slave
but what I’d really like to know is
does Eva keep it shaved
and could it make that man behave?

By Larry Piltz / March 25, 2008
Indian Cove / Austin, Texas / The Rag Blog

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