For the Thespian in the Crowd

The Ghosts of the Past: Repented Leftists Revisited
By James Petras
Jan 22, 2007, 08:50

ACT 1 Scene 1 Cemeteries of the world are filled with ghosts meeting and discussing; ghosts in sheets of red, ghosts in black and red; some with gaping wounds, others without limbs, some beheaded and blinded. Some came from forgotten weed patches, others from under monumental tombstones. Some speak loud and clear, other curse under their breath – but all are filled with angry indignation.

From near and far they all declare:

All: Revenge!

To those who betrayed our trust, our fight, our sacrifice,

even as they dare to praise or speak

in our name and of our death.

We say a curse on all your kind,

we shall visit

and you shall hear our voices

amplified by the millions

and through the many languages

will be conveyed

our message:

Traitors do not tread upon our graves

Lest you lose your treasures

And more yet

your unholy alliance with all those

whose power tyrannize our people

And makes a mockery of our sacrifice.

And so speak the assembly of the ghosts of the past

addressing the rulers of the present,

former comrades

who have taken up the cudgels

of their former enemies.

They travel far and wide

to Central and South America,

to the Middle East,

Asia, Europe and

North America.

Neither color or gender

are forgotten,

or forgiven.

All those who forsake

their class are to be visited…

Read the rest of this fascinating play here.

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