Health Care Naysayers : Please Get the Message

Saying it all in sixty seconds:
Health care reform is a human issue

By Larry Ray / The Rag Blog / Novemeber 3, 2009

I just saw a TV health care message that sensitively illustrates what is happening to too many American lives. A message down on the human level instead of screaming about numbers and cold political minutiae.

Americans for Stable Quality Care produced this :60 second commercial. Its strong message looks at the end of a lifetime of deep love, memories and sharing. With not a word spoken, this powerful one minute message is a clarion call for jaded politicians to look outside their soured, isolated careers and at the need for universal health care for all Americans. This message should urge these career politicians to respond to the Americans they represent by expediting rather than politically picking over and rejecting a plan for health care reform.

Please take a minute to watch this powerful TV message that visually illustrates the words of Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, in an August 4, 2009, Washington Post interview:

As the political debate about how to pay for and pass health reform grows louder and more contentious, we shouldn’t lose sight of the reason we’re even having this conversation: We have a huge, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve the lives of all Americans, insured and uninsured alike.

How many of those in the House and Senate who have categorically rejected a proposed universal health care plan could watch this message and with dry eyes still stiffly say NO, clearly for crass personal and partisan reasons? That politicians of all stripes are saying YES to the strong health insurance and big drug manufacturing lobby and their millions in political campaign contributions is truly sickening.

Have a look at the national organizations that make up Americans for Stable Quality Care.

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2 Responses to Health Care Naysayers : Please Get the Message

  1. with dry eyes I say .. Hell NO!
    Government as savior? Who saves us from them? Who saves us from the corruption in Washington? Only in DC does it make sense to proclaim that you want to pay for HCR by eliminating waste and fraud in government run healthcare. Thats like having an investment advisor assure you better returns because he plans to stop stealing from you.

    How about if

  2. dospesentas says:

    Very touching. Take my word for it you’ll really be crying if those idiots in D.C. get control of healthcare. What part of BROKE don’t you/they understand?

    Hey China, got an extra buck to lend for an MRI machine? Pleeeeze, we made all these promises and have no money to pay for them.

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