Honduras : Resistance and Repression Intensify

Photos from Indymedia Honduras.

Thousands march in Tegucigalpa
Military responds with force

By David Holmes Morris / The Rag Blog / August 14, 2009

Resistance and repression continue to intensify in Honduras after a week-long march by opponents of the golpista government.

After as long as eight days on the road, thousands of citizens from throughout the country walked into the capital, Tegucigalpa, and the second-largest city, San Pedro Sula, on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 11 and 12, where they were met by the military and the police in full riot gear and armed with tear gas, rubber bullets and M-16s. There are reports of large numbers of injuries and arrests.

Photo from Ja Jornada / Mexico City.

On Tuesday, marchers and students at the Universidad Pedagógica, in Tegucigalpa, a teacher’s college, set fire to a bus and to a fast-food restaurant identified with the U.S. and broke windows at a second U.S.-identified restaurant near the campus.

Photos from Indymedia Honduras.

In recent days, the U.S. State Department and President Barack Obama have angered Hondurans opposed to the coup by declining to take decisive action against the de facto government. At a press conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, last Friday, Obama said in response to a question about the coup, “I can’t press a button and suddenly reinstate Mr Zelaya.”

Obama further stated, “It is important to note the irony that the people that were complaining about the U.S. interfering in Latin America are now complaining that we are not interfering enough.”

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2 Responses to Honduras : Resistance and Repression Intensify

  1. Clint says:

    So wait, are these poor people the ones I should root for or no? I liked the Iranian protesters cause Ahmadinejad is naughty. But Zelaya pals around with Chavez so he’s probably an America hater.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Typical example of America's declining political sophistication, a vibrant ideal reduced to reliance on oversimplistic formulas like 'If C=B and C=Z, then Z=B'. The decline of American democracy through moral decay and intellectual laziness, huza-huza.
    Ahmadinejad is 'naughty' because even after billions of dollars, several dozen years of covert ops, numerous coups &

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