I Hate Those Corporate Fascists and Pigs

EV Bikes
By Edgar Alpo / August 21, 2008

Disclaimer: Sorry, I’m in a bad mood.

They don’t allow these in New York City. Otherwise known as the fascist capital of the world. New York City hates electric bicycles. They do like bankster grift money though… Bow down to New Jerk Shitty everyone, they have all the money because they are the filthy maggot banksters to the world. They steal from everyone, pension funds, foreigners, you, me, everyone.

This is how the current business model works (for them and not for us):

1) Start a private company.

2) Borrow from your fascist lodge buddies and buy assets.

3) Take a bonus.

4) Bribe officials with foreign investment dollars.

5) Take the corp.(se) public.

6) Run up the price of the stock with borrowed money from junk bond sale.

7) Take another bonus.

8) Get corporate msm cheerleaders to pump stock sales with propaganda.

9) Cash out stock options at the top.

10) Take bonus.

11) Short company stock to zero.

12) Get your talented ass another CEO job courtesy of your secret society bankster buddies.

13) Rinse, repeat.

Notice how the battery on that EV bike looks like a water bottle? Very sneaky, just like a hedge fund maggot, or a CONgreffsman. Here’s another just like it. The first one uses a trek chassis, I think I like it better. Both are about $2k, so I suggest you save your money. Especially, for the love of Mike, please don’t put that puppy on your credit card or pay any interest to the maggot banksters. I won’t be buying one anytime soon because I hate those corporate fascists and pigs more than all of you put together. I took the back brake off my broken down POS and plan to keep riding it. Let the banksters and billionaires keep this eCONoME going, they have stolen all the moolah anyway. Best of everything [/edgar].

Source / Petropest Launchpad

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