International Working Women’s Day from Bogota

International Working Women’s Day

Another year! The condition of women has not advanced, but the illusionist want women to see it that way. Specifically in the field of politics. A woman running for president, and not just any woman but a bourgeois woman. Women must stay true to their class, class background, and to maintain their class stand. Don’t be fooled. Here in Colombia there was a massive demo in Bogota against “the war” – women made up the largest part of the 200,000. I watched from my hotel room 29 stories up. In every war women bear most of the suffering, losing their children, the greatest of tragedies Keep in mind the sisters and mothers of Iraq, and Afghanistan, who feel the daily sting of the imperialist boot heel. Choose your rock today and bide your time, the time is near when you will find your chance to deploy it in the name of all the sisters of our class.

And yes, one more for me. 68 in a row.

Make this a happy day, a day of communion with and among the sisters of the world.

Richard Lee from Colombia / for The Rag Blog

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