Iraq Moratorium This Friday

Iraq Moratorium #8 on Friday, April 18

The Iraq Moratorium, a nationwide grassroots movement uniting individuals and groups against the Iraq war, will be observed on Friday, April 18.

Since September, the Iraq Moratorium has asked people and groups opposed to the war and occupation to take some action on the third Friday of every month to end the war.

Individual actions can range from wearing a black armband or a button to school or work to writing letters, putting up signs, calling members of Congress, and a wide variety of other actions. The group’s website, offers ideas, and lists planned group actions across the country.

Since it began eight months ago, the Iraq Moratorium has sparked more than 800 group events – vigils, rallies, marches, speakers, films, and other actions – listed on the group’s website, with reports, photos and videos.

The Iraq Moratorium encourage local organizers to “do their own thing” on the third Friday of the month – but to do something, whatever it is, to end the war. It is all a loosely-knit national grassroots effort operating under the Iraq Moratorium umbrella.

“Two-thirds of the people in the United States want this war to end,” said Eric See, a Moratorium organizer in California. “Our goal is to get that Silent Majority to speak out, in whatever way they choose, as a way to inspire others to action and build a movement that will end this senseless bloodshed.”

“Doing something on Friday, even something small, is a first step toward ending the war,” See said. “It all makes a difference, and our individual actions are magnified when we all act on the same day. The Moratorium asks that people interrupt business as usual and do something to end the war.”

NOTE: For events in your community, check the website,

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