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I’m the beginning of life
I am the end
I’m the mystery’s wife
I am godsend
I’m the prisoner of life
I cannot die
I’m to enjoy all of this
without knowing why

Mine is the light of the sun
Mine is the day
Mine’s irresistible fun
Mine is the way
Mine is the power of one
Mine has it all
Mine is infallible
And always on call

I’m full of wonderful things
I’ll make you smile
I have a heart that sings
I have my style
I have a use for these wings
I’m up to some good
I am invaluable and
You’ll know where I stood

I’m the illusion of time
I’m in full bloom
I am a river in rhyme
I flow from the womb
I have a path to climb
I am enough
I’m a miracle who
has no need to bluff

Here is the answer you seek
Here is the soul
Here there is time for the weak
Here you are whole
Here is where you now can speak
Here you’ll be heard
Here is the presence of prayer
Without even a word

Where can I go from here
Why would I try
Here is the tender and dear
Here is how high
When is the moment most near
When is it not
How could what I want most
Be at some other spot

Now is the time for life’s kiss
Now is a sign
Now is a season of bliss
Now’s a deep mine
Now is a time that I’d miss
Now is a pearl
Now is patience and grit
In this best of all worlds

I’m the beginning of love
For which there’s no end
I’m a singing sweet dove
I am your friend
I am heaven above
I’m lowing and mild
I’m the hope that you hold
And I sometimes go wild

I’m the meaning of life
I let my heart rend
I’ve rejected all strife
I’m on the mend
I’m the truth about life
That cannot lie
I’m the who and the way and
The what and the where
and the why

I’m the beginning of life

Loving Our Very Existence

By Larry Piltz
Posted April 16, 2008
Indian Cove / Austin, Texas / The Rag Blog

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