Liars – M. Wizard

Liars                                   liars said we were against our troops.

they said it then.

they’re saying it now.

it’s harder, this time, to be real supportive.

things have changed.

you’re all volunteers.

your Mamas should have told you what was going on.

half of you there in the war zone aren’t even

really in the service;

you’re contractors, hired help,

what we used to call

“mercenaries” except more supply side functionary

than grunt.

but I read ‘Channeling’ when it meant

something besides a guy who communes

with the Other Side,

and you can’t tell me any of you are there

of your own free will;

no more than the boys I knew

who joined right out of high school

even though their Mamas cried,

because they’ve been lied to

by liars

who make a living lying

to silly children

who think they’re smart;

who are allowed into our schools

to tell lies and lies and more lies.

they chewed us up and spat us out like pistachio shells;

our brothers live under the bridge

and their children were born deformed.

we brought everybody home we could

–- with amnesty and M.I.A. bracelets –-

but to what?

to whelp cannon fodder for the present hostilities,

because we don’t know how to make men of boys without killing them;

because the empire still runs on blood,

and now it needs girl blood, too.

they don’t have to be virgins

and this isn’t Paradise.


Mariann Wizard

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