No Bravery – J. Blunt

As the Iraqi single mother writes on her blog, An Iraqi Tear:

“hear the song in the link below and see the photos, then ask your self: WHY?”

No Bravery

Or as a seventeen year old Iraqi girl writes in her blog:

“It just needs a strong man like my father to forget it, I am not a man and I am not strong. When the danger is around me, my family or around my friend I can’t sit watching. It’s not war against Saddam or against the terror only; it’s a war about us, it’s a psychology war. To live or not to live this is the question. Bye bye peace of mind, see you in heaven: maybe.”

Find emotional appeals and anecdotal evidence annoying and woefully inadequate, despite the veracity and accurate reflection of reality on the ground in Iraq? Let’s try one simple fact from the folks who run the show (courtesy of the Huffington Post), something that without doubt could be multiplied ten-fold in other related categories of coalition military activity without any special effort:

“The gruesome 60-out-of-1000 stat popped up in another talk, this one by an earthy corporal, a trainer himself. ‘This statistic’s roughly a month old now, but over 1000 Iraqi civilians have been killed at traffic control points, VCPs [vehicle check points], blocking positions, and out of those — this was in a 12-month period — and out of those, only sixty-something were declared bad guys on the spot — so, had explosives, weapons anything like that. So obviously 900-something innocent Iraqis have been killed. That’s pretty shitty numbers, right?'”

I raise my voice in unequivocal opposition to this unjust, and unjustifiable, war in Iraq. Stop the carnage and jail the perpetrators of this international crime against Humanity.

Richard Jehn

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