Life During Wartime : A Tool in Arizona

Political cartoon by Joshua Brown / Historians Against the War / The Rag Blog

The Rag Blog

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2 Responses to Life During Wartime : A Tool in Arizona

  1. masterspork says:

    Just a few random questions.

    1. What in this State Law is prohibited in the Constitution?

    2. On the effect of trying to get a Green Card/Citizenship. If the State is not going to enforce the laws about entering the country illegally than why bother try to get citizenship?

    3. What about the smuggling rings that end up causing many deaths due to the way that the bring in the people over the border?

    4. Is this more a complaint of how people that enter illegally from Canada are treated in compared to Mexico?

  2. Hi MS. Nice to hear from you again.

    Did Obama mobilize troops to secure the border and render the law moot? Nope.
    He said the Justice department would be watching to see if civil rights were being violated. Isnt that a hoot?!?! He can get his lawyers to look for any civil rights violation, but can not use his authority to secure the border and enfore immigration policy.

    The left makes up complaints about this law because it allows them to hide their real intentions. They dont want the border secure, in fact they dont want a border. The progressive world view is internationalist in its view and open borders is a part of that thinking. Instead of arguing their case to the American people that the border should be eliminated, they try to come in the back door with lies and deception. Its been going on for decades.

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