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VERSE | Stronger and More Dangerous

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By Mariann G. Wizard | The Rag Blog | April 16, 2014

Stronger and More Dangerous:
April 20, 2014

I read it in the newsfeeds,
I hear it all the time:
the marijuana grown today
is not the same as in my prime!
They say it’s much more potent,
with such a heady buzz,
it’s got to be real dangerous…
Well, let me tell you, Cuz,
I hope the stuff is stronger!
Yes, and much more ‘potent,’ too!
The kids are gonna need it
if they’re gonna make it through
the balled-up mess we’ve made of things
from sea to shining sea!
Too long we’ve trod on other lives –
now they’ll grow reefers tall as trees!

The world has grown more dangerous,
in case you hadn’t seen,
with hazards much more perilous
than those we faced as teens.
Stronger ganja’s needed now
as it never was before!
On wings of peace and clarity
rise up, take heart, and soar!

Mariann Garner-Wizard

April 20 is an internationally-observed day for celebrating Cannabis sativa aka weed, ganja, pot, reefer. It comes from the tradition of smoking a doobie daily at 4:20 p.m., the stoner’s coffee break. – MGW

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[Mariann G. Wizard, a Sixties radical activist and contributor to The Rag, Austin’s underground newspaper from the 60s and 70s, is a poet, a professional science writer specializing in natural health therapies, and a Rag Blog contributing editor. ]

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VERSE | Stronger and More Dangerous

  1. Frances Morey says:

    Lovely poems, Mariann!

  2. Beverly Moore says:


  3. Karen says:

    Nice writing Cuz!

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