MDS – Tools for Chapter Press Work

Chapters, caucuses and organizers may access a broad range of press contact information at these websites.

I have been working on compiling an email address directory for press releases and letters to the editor. It is a work in progress, but anybody requesting a copy of the current draft will be sent one. I am also interested in collaborating on this project with others in SDS. It is something people can do, regardless of proximity (or lack thereof) to an active local chapter.

Yours in solidarity from my (now officially illegal even if on appeal) NSA party line,
Monty Reed Kroopkin
San Diego


The CP Network (College Publisher)

Current U-Wire Members (University Wire)

Independent Press Association’s Campus Journalism Project (List of Alternative/Independent Newspapers)

Campus Progress member publications (Center for American Progress)

Alternative Press Center’s Online Directory

and Alternative Viewpoints on the Internet

AAN Directory (Association of Alternative Newsweeklies)

ZNET’s Alternative Media Resources

ZNET’s Alternative Media Watch

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