Mexican Flag Enchiladas for FF* – M. Wizard

Here are my Mexican Flag Enchiladas. I probably won’t ever actually type up a recipe; it’s not needed. Any enchilada filling(s) you like in the tortillas of your choice will do; it is the decor which makes this dish festive. Apply two small cans of tomatillo salsa, half-pint of sour cream, small jar of your favorite red salsa, left-to-right; then top the center with bell pepper and carrot slices, browned tortilla, black olives, whatever is handy to invoke the Mexican eagle sitting on a cactus, eating a snake. Sprinkle with any cheese left over from your filling and cook in a medium oven ’til it sizzles. Serve with lots of Corona and Negra Modelo beer on any Mexican holiday. Mariann Wizard

* Note: FF = Foodie Friday

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