One Party Politics – How’s That Working for YOU?

Plea to the Awake, Aware and Outraged
By Cathy Garger
Oct 11, 2006, 15:43

If you are awake, aware, and more than outraged, I’ve got to ask. Has this been a week from Hades or what? Certainly Hugo Chavez – and the rest of the world would agree. Oh, perhaps Tony in the UK would be an exception, as he’s the fellow who seems to find little fault with the US (and some say even holds the American Devil’s uh, pitchfork). Rumor even has it that since taking office, the American Devil-Monster has spread his putrid stench wherever Air Force One happens to land.


Both parties, after all, endorse and nearly-unanimously fund bill after bill of pre-emptive, unjustified illegal American wars in defiance of international law concerning war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Both parties are fully signed up for threats against nations like Iran who express a desire to enrich uranium for power – just like the US and 30 other nations do.

Both parties are hell-bent on dismantling our Constitution, policing and watching our every move, listening in on our phone calls, and pulling our remaining rights, liberties, and freedoms out from under us.

Both parties accept rigged elections with vote counting done in secret and machines programmed to play funny games – with no way to legitimately verify results.

Both parties get off on destroying the environment and effectively nuking the planet with our military’s guns, tanks, and bombs in the Middle Eastern part of the world.

Both parties accept US military false flag operations such as 9/11 as necessary in furthering the goals and aims of US imperialism.

Both parties give the go-ahead for detentions for any length of time, for any reason, under any condition, without due legal process. On the issue of torture, a fully united Congress voted together to bring it on – in whatever manner the Torturer-In-Chief shall desire. In its infinite wisdom, Congress voted and decided that the Head Torturer has the right to exercise his particular sadistic whim and discretion in order to personalize an individual’s plan of torture.

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