The MSM – Mealy State Mouthpiece

I know it’s only Sunday, but make the popcorn and pipe down. And please butter and salt it well — we want consistency with the status quo …

Riverbend began talking of this potential problem at least two years ago, and there’s been plenty of subsequent reporting in places that aren’t MSM. This is simply continuing exposure of the corrupt farce the MSM has become, serving simply as a lacky of the state. rdj

Here is the information provided on YouTube. Although no specific date is given for the CNN report, the video was uploaded on 4 October 2006.

Death Squads Infiltrate Iraqi Police Force – CNN
CNN reporter Michael Ware says the “death squads have been a part of the Iraqi security apparatus that has been propped up by the US forces.” He explains that factions within the Iraqi government itself are operating these Shia death squads. “Ministry of Interior commanders will rent out official government vehicles at night to death squads to allow them to operate.” In conclusion, Ware agrees with Colin Powell by saying “staying the course will only further strengthen America’s enemies.”

Note: Just in case, MSM = mainstream media.

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