Palestinian Peace Talks – Get Real

Desert Peace
January 21, 2007

Condi feels good about herself. She thinks her trip to the region was a success. She got Abbas and Olmert to agree to talk about future statehood for Palestine. What about Hamas, do they not have a say in the matter? Are they not the legal representatives of the Palestinian people elected a year ago?

Regarding Hamas…Rice also found a positive aspect to Hamas, noting that its involvement in the political system and participation in elections have made things “in some sense more complicated,” but she said its inability to govern “has led Hamas to, I think, some very, very difficult situations in which they’re trying to find their ways out.” Rice noted that in 2000, Hamas had been a resistance movement not at all involved politically.

INABILITY TO GOVERN????? Who’s fault is that? Was it not Israel that said it would NEVER negotiate with a Hamas led government? Was it not the United States that said it would NEVER negotiate with a Hamas led government? Was it not both the States and Israel that cut Hamas off from all funds coming to them?

Well…. wake up and smell the coffee guys…. HAMAS IS THE GOVERNMENT OF PALESTINE! Like it or not, they are the ones that will decide who to negotiate with about statehood…. not Abbas. Abbas knows this and better stop playing his game of power tripping, it will only cause him to fall flat on his face.

Condi is planning a return visit next month, perhaps by then someone might brief her about the real situation in Palestine and who the elected leaders are… otherwise it’s nothing but a game on her part as well…. a game where only the Palestinians are the losers.

Read it and the Haaretz article here.

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