Planned Parenthood Is the Winner: Thanks, Sarah!

Parental discretionary donors
By Shuchi Saraswat / October 9, 2008

How Sarah Palin generated over $1 million in donations to Planned Parenthood

Polarizin’ Palin has people everywhere opening their pocketbooks to the pro-choice movement’s benefit. A viral e-mail, of unknown origin, urged people who disliked the Alaska governor’s under-no-circumstance view on abortion to donate to Planned Parenthood, in her honor. The e-mail has been circulating for more than a month and, as of October 6, has generated 38,000 donations — at least two-thirds of them from first-time givers — to the international organization, totaling more than $1 million.

The latest high-profile boost to the “In Honor of Palin” campaign comes from singer/songwriter Gretchen Peters, who was outraged when Palin was brought on stage at a rally after Thursday’s vice-presidential debate to the strains of Martina McBride’s 1994 recording of Peters’s “Independence Day,” whose lyric centers on a victim of domestic abuse. On her Web site,, Peters pledges to donate future “Independence Day” royalties to Planned Parenthood, on behalf of, you guessed it, the GOP veep nominee, whom Peters refers to as “a candidate who would set women’s rights back decades.”

This will be a hard one for the McCain campaign to ignore. Planned Parenthood offers to acknowledge generosity by mailing a card to the person in whose name the donation is made. The cards noting the Palin donations will be mailed to “McCain for President” headquarters, as per donors’ requests, starting this week.

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2 Responses to Planned Parenthood Is the Winner: Thanks, Sarah!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The best thing about this project is that it could contribute in some small way to reducing the number of bozos voting in future elections who would think that Palin is the cat’s pajamas!

    The smartest people tend to have the fewest children; not always, but often enough to explain a lot of things…

  2. I believe in Planned Parent-hood because I believe in abortion (and that’s part of ‘planning’ parent-hood).

    I paid for my son’s girl-friend’s abortion when both of them were not ready to be married. It allowed them to save their money; get full-time jobs, and when they got married I ended up with two beautiful grand-kids WHO WERE WANTED AND ABLY CARED FOR.

    Now those 2 grand-kids are college graduates; have excellent jobs, own their homes and realize that a ‘wanted child’ stands a far better chance of not only living a better life, but contributes back to society.

    Where no protection against pregnancy is taken; where abortions aren’t part of the ‘law or policy’, millions of starving and frail are brought into this world because of either ignorance or inability to have ‘choice’.

    Is it any worse to commit murder on a living person, or to allow a child to suffer and ultimately die – both are crimes; both murder.

    A child conceived but UNBORN, is not able to survive until after at least 5 months (rare); closer to 6 to 8 months. When abortion/termination is done prior to 4 months of ‘gestation’, you have delivered only the beginning of life that relies upon its mother as the ‘host’. If the ‘host’ is not able to feed that growing fetus; if that ‘host’ isn’t fit to be a mother, or if that ‘host’ simply does not want the commitment of spending the next 21 years properly raising a youngster, the ‘host’ is ALREADY HERE and should make that choice – WITHOUT LAWS EITHER WAY. It is her choice by virtue of the force that gave her life and fertility to start with.

    Fertility without futility; life begins only when one takes a breath of air from the ‘outside world’, and feels the arms of its mother hold it close.


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