Rejecting Torture

Hat-tip to Pensito Review for posting this comment from one of their readers. We applaud the candour and rejection of hypocrisy. Thank you.

I stopped going to church after our shameful shock and awe of Iraq. I believe God spoke loudly and clearly February 8th when over 8 million people of conscience poured out into the streets and pleaded that we not do this. This we did, and this we would’ve done even if it would’ve required tanks in the streets of America to enable it.

I’m not going to church this Easter, as well as not joining with family, because I don’t silently condone torture nor can I shut up about it. I’m supposed to zip my lip and not offend the morality of other family members who “love my country”. Excuse me. My morality is offended, much more deeply than those offended by my protests could ever fathom because of their shallowness. Abu Grahib was the 9-11 event to our morality. Where is the outrage?

This president is not ashamed or embarrassed to use tortured confessions. This country is not ashamed or embarrassed to use tortured confessions. Need I say more? I don’t suspect there is any questioning of this in the churches of this country. Rather, there is pray for our troops. And just what are our troops doing?

My faith is not wrapped in a flag. My conscience is not deadened to silently condone torture. And I can’t fellowship with those whose consciences are that dead… nor with those who sing happy hymns while being totally oblivious to what we are doing, what we’ve become.

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