Rumsfeld’s Iraq Policy "Immature"

And if you’ve read State of Denial, Bob Woodward’s effort concerning the BushCo Iraq fiasco, you’ll know how understated the Japanese foreign minister’s words really are.

Japan FM calls U.S. Iraq policy immature: media
Sunday, February 4, 2007; 1:04 AM

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso has criticised U.S. policy in Iraq, saying American actions following the initial fighting in 2003 have been “immature,” Japanese media reports said on Sunday.

The comments follow remarks by Japan’s defense minister last month saying President Bush had been wrong to start the Iraq war, and may damage ties with Washington ahead of a visit by Vice President Dick Cheney on February 20-22.

“Rumsfeld went ahead and did it, but the operation after occupation was very immature and did not work so well, so that’s why there’s still trouble now,” the financial daily Nikkei quoted Aso as saying in a speech on Saturday, referring to former U.S. defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Aso went on to stress the importance of aiding Iraq, adding that Japan should make a significant contribution to the rebuilding effort, Kyodo news agency said.

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