Sez It All : Homescholers [Sic] for Perry [Sicker]

Photo by Bryan Fotographer / Houston Press. See slideshow here.

Rick Perry and Sarah Palin rally their troops

HOUSTON — The much awaited Perry-Palin rally (with extra special guest Ted Nugent) visited the Rick Berry Center in Cypress on Sunday afternoon, February 7, but made sure to wrap things up before the Big Game. Football trumps politics in Texas, of course, even if Sarah Palin comes to town. — Houston Press

Thanks to Kenneth Huey / The Rag Blog

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4 Responses to Sez It All : Homescholers [Sic] for Perry [Sicker]

  1. That sign in terrific! But you gotta think, that kid didnt have a staff of dozens reviewing her work before she took it out to the rally.

    Which makes Oblama’s recent speech where he confused a Navy “Corpsman”, who helped save lives in Haiti, with some sort of undead zombie a real eye opener. But then again, this is coming from a President that needs a teleprompter to speak to a classroom of sixth graders! Perhaps the Texas “homescholers” from the picture are smarter than our Teleprompter In Chief?

  2. Brother Jonah says:

    George coWard Bush didn’t use a teleprompter because he can’t read English either.

    I honestly don’t know what you kids see in him. When he scammed Arlington, threatened to take the Losingest Team in American Major League History out of Arlington if they didn’t buy him a brand new stadium, I was ready to help them pack their gear. Throw them a farewell barbecue.

    That’s the kind of Corporate Welfare he and McCain and Palin and Perry live on.

    Bush never owned a single business that didn’t lose money, including the City of Arlington, the Texas Rangers, the State of Texas and of course his Corporate Welfare Warfare. But he’s some kind of “Super Businessman”…

    When he jacked up the City of Arlington, you could walk up North Collins street from Downtown all the way to Euless, see the boarded up businesses and at Ballpark Way, when the Rangers weren’t at a home game getting their collective ass beaten, you could right past the K-Mart dance in the middle of the street, which was also built courtesy of the Taxpayers for “his team”. On North Collins the traffic was wall-to-wall people going home to other towns. None of the tax-exempt businesses he babbled so much about were actually hiring people from Arlington. Then the KMart closed down.

    He promised in the gubernatorial campaign that he would do for Texas’ economy what he had done for Arlington…

    For once he wasn’t lying.

    Did I mention that I’m FROM Texas?

    You could lie to the Yankee-boys all you want about how wonderful the economy is there. Some of them might believe you, not from stupidity but because they hadn’t actually seen it.

    But, bubba, I ain’t one of them.

    His schoolbook deal, that’s legendary, yet another Corporate Welfare Scam.

    If he were actually Smart it wouldn’t be any different, though, he suffers from Moral Deficit Disorder. His whole family, in fact, and his partners in Crime like Perry and Palin.

    You’d have to close your eyes and pretend not to see it. That wouldn’t be honest, so either the R party is fundamentally dumb or fundamentally dishonest.

    You really ought to come out of Babylon.

  3. Brother Jonah, you are entertaining if nothing else. I cant say I agree with much of what you say, but I do admire the seething hatred with which you say it.

  4. Unfortunately, there does seem to a rather large segment of our population, currently roused to an unaccustomes political frenzy, that is proud of its ignorance and seeks ignorance in its leaders, seeing it as proof of authenticity.

    Sarah Palin is perceived as seeing herself as no better than any hard-pressed mother of four without much education or the time to pursue it —- BUT THAT DON’T MEAN SHE AIN’T SMART AS A WHIP!

    This may be in part due to the overall devaluation that has taken place in public education over the last 100 years or so. What passes for a high school education today would not have gotten your granny out of 6th grade! Not only that, basic college degrees are so common today they’re deemed necessary for employment every bit as mindless as that of any day laborer.

    Bumper sticker for 2012:

    Vote RICK & SARAH
    No Better Than US!

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