She’s Ba-ack! Obama Girl Strikes Again…

I’ll probably get flak for posting this, but CHILL! It’s funny!
— .td / The Rag Blog

Hillary! Stop the attacks! Love, Obama Girl

Obama Girl nails the Zeitgeist.

As political junkies with at least an aspiration to erudition, we’ve all turned up our nose at the frivolous heap of cleavage known as Obama Girl. But give us the benefit of the doubt here and check out her latest video production, a series of clever inside jokes that are billed as a heartfelt plea: “Stop the attacks, Hillary! Love, Obama Girl”

A few moments to look for: OG playing the little girl sleeping in Hillary’s “3 a.m.” video; Bill’s appearance during the instrumental dance break; OG reminding us that she was hot for Obama way before the Black Eyed Peas made it “cool”; and the random inclusion of George Bush’s bizarre tap dance of a few weeks back.
Elana Shor / Guardian, U.K. / March 25, 2008 / The Rag Blog


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