Signs of a Sick Depraved Society

From Arab Woman Blues

You ain’t nothin’ but a dog.

Where is that fascist french bitch brigitte bardot ? I need her in Baghdad now!
Someone find her for me. Otherwise contact the animals lovers in england or america. Call the society for the protection of animals, greenpeace, the ecological movement, or any “liberal” “progressive” whose heart melts at the sight of endangered species.
Since they are not moved by the death or the maiming of humans maybe this will move them.

I would not bet on it though. It’s an Iraqi dog. Another Arab dog. A limping, injured, dog being “taunted” by american tiny pricks called soldiers. Threatening to kill the poor thing for “fun”.

Killing as a sport, killing for rest and relaxation-your famous R&R, killing for pleasure, killing for leisure….killing coz you are so afraid of both, life and death. Cowardly bastards.

Read the rest of her rant here.

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