Sir Douglas Quintet — Sheila Tequila 1981 (Video)

For Doug Sahm, with fondest memories.

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2 Responses to Sir Douglas Quintet — Sheila Tequila 1981 (Video)

  1. I remember when the sample copy of Together After Five was received at the Rag Office. It did not receive general acceptance, some thought it simple and silly, except of course by the strung out crew finishing layout at 3am who dug the hell out of it.

  2. Doctor Dada says:

    I’m a little late giving this a listen, but it is perfect Friday Happy Hour Herradura chaser. Damn, I miss Sir Doug.

    Did anyone catch the Crayolas Thursday night at the Continental Club. I didn’t, but heard part of their KUT Live Set. Gave me Doug Sahm goosebumps.

    Guess I gotta go to San Antone to see them, with the obligatory stop at Rosarios.

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