Sunday Snapshot: The Latest Fashion Statement

… Or Taking the Concept of Forked Tongue to New Heights (or Depths?).

Thanks to Ned Salman / The Rag Blog

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4 Responses to Sunday Snapshot: The Latest Fashion Statement

  1. If she had that done, wouldn’t she have died from the bleeding or the pain? This is Photo Art right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m with LJY — although I have seen the split tongue thing on TV on one of those tattoo shows, the zipper seems… too complicated.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If this is a photoshop job, it probably did its job as “art”
    i.e. it expressed an “artist’s” idea, made you react, and made you think, right? But it just looks to me like a woman holding a fake lower lip & tongue in her mouth. Something like those old red wax lips?

  4. Anonymous says:

    My honest guess is that it is not a photoshop – the forked tongue is a surgical procedure, and no people don’t die lol. The zipper is not complicated at all, I don’t see how you guys can believe the forked tongue because you know people do that, and not believe the zipper – have you heard of a little thing called piercing lol? It looks to me like this girl simply had a lot of tongue piercings, after the forked tongue procedure, and instead of tongue rings or bars, she just put different pieces of metal in to make a zipper. It’s not hard to believe at all, have you people seen the rediculous shit people do lol?

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