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HEALTH : The Homeopathic Crowd Meets Academic Medicine

Echinacea purpurea: Academic studies say it doesn’t work.‘To dismiss alternative medicine too quickly is to miss a central question: What is the role of health care?’By Kent Sepkowitz Few things rankle doctors more than alternative (aka complementary, integrative, holistic, homeopathic, … Continue reading

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HEALTH CARE : Bone Density Drugs Can Do More Harm Than Good

Big Pharma Pushes Drugs That Cause Conditions They Are Supposed to PreventBy Martha Rosenberg / July 24, 2008. Yet again, women are the industry’s main targets. Like gastroesophageal reflux and bipolar disease, osteopenia began to inflict millions when a drug … Continue reading

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HEALTH CARE : Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?

Graphic courtesy of Pharma Marketing.Statins: Looking at the statsBy Duncan Echelson / The Rag Blog / July 14, 2008 Statin pharmaceuticals are marketed ferociously on TV ads and by many MD’s. The statins are major money makers for the pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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Medical Study on Psilocybin : Lasting Positive Effects

‘Shrooms.Heck, they could have just asked us… Magic Mushrooms produce long-termsense of well-beingBy John Lazarou / July 1, 2008 In a follow-up to research showing that psilocybin, a substance contained in “sacred mushrooms,” produces substantial spiritual effects, a Johns Hopkins … Continue reading

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