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Roger Baker : Should the Left Diss the Tea-Baggers?

Sign at Tea Party protest in Wichita, Feb. 27, 2009. Photo from Voice for Liberty in Wichita. The tea baggers versus Obama formulation should be seen as opportunistic political theater that avoids a serious examination of the important issues. By … Continue reading

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Jim Hightower : Texas’ Governor Goodhair is One Pandering Goober

Texas’ Panderer-in-Chief, Gov. Rick Perry, covers his lovely locks with a gimme cap at the Texas tea party rally April 15, 2009 at the state capitol. With him is Michael Quinn Sullivan of Texans for Fiscal responsibility. Photo by Harry … Continue reading

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Dr. Stephen R. Keister : Health Care Reform, Tea Baggers and the Politics of Fear

Sign from “Tax Revolt Tea-Toss,” on April 3 in Longport, Long Island, NY. Photo from VigilantSquirrelBrigade. There were older folks, no doubt on Social Security and Medicare, carrying signs reading, ‘Send the Socialists to Europe.’ There were working folks, no … Continue reading

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Austin : Some ‘Poopers’ at the ‘Tea Party’

A different message at Austin Tea Party: The Rag Blog’s Susan Van Haitsma and Fran Hanlon (right), both with CodePink. Photo by Andy McKenna / The Rag Blog.Speaking of taxes:I can’t afford more war. Can you? By Susan Van Haitsma … Continue reading

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Sacramento : Tea Bagger Hate-Fest

“Tea bagger” protests took place all over the United Sates Wednesday. Pictured is Vince Schuck at a rally in Montpelier, Vt. Photo by Toby Talbot / AP. Too many liberals are trying to deal with this with dismissive humor, but … Continue reading

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