The Monday Movie – Celebrating Greenspan’s Retirement

A Perfect Martini

Somehow this recipe goes with today’s movie. I can’t say how exactly; it’s just a feeling I have. The movie’s title is The Money God.

Into a well-chilled shaker, pour a couple of tablespoons of the best white (dry) vermouth you can find. Swirl vermouth to coat all sides of the shaker completely. Sit down and rest for two minutes.

Pour vermouth down the sink, or save it for the next time. In shaker, place 6 large ice cubes, then add 3 jiggers of the best gin you can find. Tanqueray is one of the best. Close shaker, do a Maquarena with your partner for just twenty seconds with the shaker in your hand (be sure not to break any bones), then immediately strain the result into martini glasses that have been chilled in your freezer for two hours. You can finish dancing now if you want.

Garnish with large pitted green olives on toothpicks (with or without the pimiento or other cool or hot stuffings, or pickled onions – I believe any garnish except olive makes a slightly different drink).

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