The Real Issue Is Whether We Are a Nation of Laws

No One is Leading
By Mark A. Goldman / ICH / March 31, 2008

The American people have no one leading the charge for the restoration of the Constitution and the rule of law.

My point is not that few Americans are engaged and energized in doing good things, but simply that there is no individual who is leading… no one with whom you and a great many others are willing stand and fight in order to defend your country and your heritage.

Vying for political leadership are the two principal nominees hoping to be the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. And there’s also the Presidential candidate for the Republicans. But none of these candidates have made the ongoing perpetration of crimes — against our Constitution and the American people — an issue or a cause worth fighting for.

I’m not going to recount here all the ways that the Constitution and the rule of law have been trampled upon in recent years. A Google search on “Bush crimes” might be time well spent for anyone who needs a review.

Apparently most citizens have been talked out of their patriotism by the mainstream media, the two main political parties, and our elected officials — those traitors who conveniently forgot their oath of office while the Constitution was being so denigrated.

One issue in the upcoming election under discussion is the ending of the war in Iraq. But on close inspection we see that that, in and of itself, would be a bogus issue. The real issue is whether we are going to recognize the illegitimacy of the war, the crimes that were committed to instigate the war, and the ongoing crimes against the Constitution and innocent people in the administration of the war. The war itself was a direct attack on the Constitution and the American people… and of course on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The real issue is whether we are a nation of laws… i.e., do we believe in the rule of law… or have we simply given up on the American Experiment and the Constitution itself. If we acknowledge that the war was illegal — that egregious crimes were committed in its execution — then it will follow that we must end the war. But what follows is much more than that.

Just talking about ending the war and bringing our troops home, without addressing the shredding of the Constitution, is a betrayal of every American and every soldier who ever fought in this war or any other. Are we going to reclaim ourselves as a Constitutional republic or have we given up trying to be the America that was originally conceived into being by the Framers?

Beyond the war and its illegality, are the following travesties that need to be addressed:

1. the illegitimate elections that fraudulently put criminals in charge of our government and kept them there.

2. the ongoing destruction of government itself by the purposeful evisceration of nearly every oversight function of government. Lies permeate government offices everywhere. That’s why the economy is failing, why we have no energy policy, why our educational system is behind the rest of the developed world, why all citizens do not have access to affordable health care, why our food supply is at risk, why our children are at risk even when they play with toys, why our infrastructure is in a state of decay, why inflation is stealing from every paycheck, why the over-bloated military industrial complex is bankrupting our country, why Congress no longer works as a body representing real people… and the list goes on and on.

3. when and how are we going to recognize and take responsibility for the crimes we have committed against other members of our human family?

If we refuse to acknowledge the crimes, and if we refuse to find and stand with a leader who is willing and able to honorably seek justice in their resolution, we will be surrendering our rights, our freedoms, and our heritage to the true enemies of our republic — we will be surrendering to ignorance, arrogance, cowardice, and greed. I invite you to review the following links as you consider your response.


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