The Save the Farms Blog

A friend of ours just started a new blog to oppose the farm bill that is pending in Congress, and to provide information about other agriculture and food issues that are pertinent to our health. Here’s a brief sample:


In order to save the family farm, bring down skyrocketing health costs, slow down immigration of Mexican farmers who are being driven off their land, and save the Gulf of Mexico, we must stop the Farm Bill, passed by the House and now up in the US Senate.

There may be no better sign of the changing debate over the nation’s farm subsidies: A Midwestern governor running for president calls for cuts in a system that has steered hundreds of millions of dollars a year to his state.

“I didn’t get much of a reaction from farmers,” said Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (D), “because deep down most of them know the system needs to be changed.”

To read more of her blog, click here.

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