The Three Amigos – Eeeeewwwwwww ….

Coming Soon to a Continent Near You
By Paul Richard Harris
Apr 8, 2007, 19:34

Following a grand photo opportunity in March 2005 for the presidents of Mexico and the United States, and the prime minister of Canada, observers were regaled, almost to the point of nausea, by references to these men as ‘the three amigos’. Their alleged camaraderie was deemed by a compliant media to be of far greater interest and import than the substance of what might have been discussed or accomplished. Unfortunately, the major issue under review by the three men will, if not aborted, cause immense harm to North America and, ultimately, the world.

Canadian prime minister Paul Martin and Mexican president Vicente Fox are now gone from the world stage; neither will be missed. Unfortunately, the most simple-minded of the three remains. In the context of this article, however, United States president George Bush is not the villain; he is merely a symptom of a virulent disease that is infecting North America and which may be unstoppable unless the brakes are applied very soon.

Completely outside the public forum, behind closed doors and in first class comfort, planners have been meeting to create a North American Union (NAU). Mostly, these planners are not government officials; they are not the representatives of the people. Those government minions who have been admitted to these hallowed meetings are there solely for the functionary benefit of greasing the skids for the conductors of what might soon become a runaway train.

What is occurring is the auctioning of North America. You can find some of the details if you really search; but there is no way to know how much information is still hidden.

A small, but influential, group of wealthy business people is proceeding with plans to create a North American union that will combine Canada, Mexico, and the United States. There is no political or economic mandate for these plans and various polls, mostly unofficial, indicate that citizens of all three countries would oppose such a union. Although George Bush is not the prime mover behind this effort, it does have its genesis in the Executive Branch of the US government – more than 30 years ago – and both Presidents Bush have their fingers all over it.

What is being created can be best thought of as NASSR — North America’s Sinking Ship Republic. It has most of the bad points of the USSR, and none of the good. Most important, it is doomed to fail.

Triumphant Trilateralism

In 1973, a group known as the Trilateral Commission was founded. It’s a private organization created on the initiative of David Rockefeller, of the family who bears that famous surname. He solicited a cadre of influential people and, after a series of preliminary and exploratory meetings, the first executive meeting of the Commission took place in October 1973. Today, the membership is between 300–350 private individuals from North America, Europe, and Asia; it claims to exist for the purpose of promoting closer economic and political cooperation between these areas. In fact, the group has asserted throughout the years that its only goal was to foster a ‘New International Economic Order’.

The membership list during its history contains a lot of familiar names: George Bush the First, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney – and a host of influential politicians, diplomats, and business executives from several continents.

It presents itself as non-political; but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Trilateral Commission has maintained a lock on the Executive Branch of the US government since the election of Jimmy Carter in 1976. The Trilateral Commission is believed to have hand-picked Carter to be a candidate for the presidency; his training in globalist philosophy and foreign policy appears to have been provided by Brzezinski personally. As president, Carter appointed a third of the US members of the Commission to his cabinet and other high-level administration posts.

White House influence continued with the election of Ronald Reagan and his vice-president, George H.W. Bush, who influenced Reagan to appoint Commission members to key areas in his government. Following Reagan, the presidency itself was held by members of the Trilateral Commission for twelve consecutive years. And although the current President Bush is not a member of the Commission, his vice-president is.

This group is, despite all protestations to the contrary, established solely to provide a forum for the elite to plan the management of the world. Because the people of the world are not, in the view of the Commission members, entitled to any kind of input into how the world should be ordered – only this elite group should have that right. Naturally, the order of the world shall be whatever enriches them most.

The North American members of the group now have their sites set on a new prize.

Circumventing the Ballot Box

Membership in the Trilateral Commission includes corporate CEOs, politicians, academics, labor leaders, and individuals involved in overseas philanthropy. Members who gain a position in their respective country’s government must resign from the Commission. That criteria has nothing to do with maintaining integrity or averting inappropriate influence; it is to deflect criticism that the Commission is running the world’s governments – but it does run them nonetheless, or at least many of them.

The time for democratic choice by citizens has long since passed. No government of a major country can make any real claim to democracy any longer. Governments do not represent the citizenry; they represent business. And business is the domain of the Trilateral Commission and other similar groups whose prime purpose is to ensure that the elites continue to be in charge, and that the great mass of humanity functions as their feudal peasants.

In North America, there is a general belief among the citizenry that we have largely fair and clean elections. There is at least some belief that the people we elect to represent us intend to do just that. But such beliefs are wishful thinking. If the citizens of the three North American countries ever truly did have democratic choice and honest representatives, it is in some semi-mythical past far beyond the reach of remembrance.

Worldwide, the globalization movement has been designed to construct international agreements that give corporations virtually free reign to conduct business as they see fit. This is accomplished primarily through the creation of trade documents that ultimately leave corporations unfettered and uncontrolled by any government. In North America, the same thing has been happening on a smaller scale.

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