Thorne Dreyer: Intelligent Exchange on Gay Hate

Obbop: ‘Piss on the Gays’
By Thorne Dreyer / The Rag Blog / November 16, 2008

I post most of The Rag Blog’s material to social networking site Reddit. Yesterday I sent a link to an article brother Richard Jehn placed on the blog — Gay Rights Activist Aravosis: ‘Utah Is a Hate State’ — and included the following as a “comment” (actually the subhead and lead to the story):

Church Action Prompts Tourist Boycott of Utah …

Utah’s growing tourism industry and the star-studded Sundance Film Festival are being targeted for a boycott by bloggers, gay rights activists and others seeking to punish the Mormon church for its aggressive promotion of California’s ban on gay marriage. ….

I thought our esteemed and erudite readers might enjoy the following high-level exchange (you know, like: “Turkey Butt!” “Dung Face!” That kind of thing, but with bigger words) between your correspondent (“tdreyer”) and a faceless entity name of “obbop.”

obbop: And I believe a growing percentage of the population is growing to HATE the gay, their supporters and their stick-it-in-your-face agenda tactics.

Piss on the gays.

I still follow a live-and-let-live approach to life but observing the childish uncivil antics of the gay crowd I will strike back via the ballot box.

I assure you PC correct idiots, too many of you are actually hurting your cause.

The backlash will occur.

tdreyer: Gosh. Deja vu. Hey, Obbop, not long ago we could have replaced “blacks” for “gays” in your lovely little spiel and the next comment might well have been, “Get a rope!”

obbop: Hey… good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

tdreyer: Dude. No, leave the rope alone. If you’re feeling suicidal, you should seek professional help.

obbop: Oh, never fear. If the necessity to depart this plane of existence arises a shotgun to the head with no one around to call for medical assistance will ensure the task is accomplished to its completion.

None of that “cry for help” crap from a member of the warrior class.

tdreyer: “Warrior class.” How impressive! How pretentious!

obbop: Warrior class; a concept the brainwashed masses chock-full of political correctness are likely unable to envision.

If you fall into that grouping, I pity thee.

tdreyer: A handy tag for a grandiose bloated self-image, methinks.

Keep your pity, but thanks for the thought.

Feel sure he’ll wish to get in a last word, and I may append.

Later. Gotta post this to Reddit.

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2 Responses to Thorne Dreyer: Intelligent Exchange on Gay Hate

  1. Mariann Wizard says:

    TOO FUNNY — especially the “warrior class” b.s.! T, doesn’t your new on-line boy-friend realize that, throughout history, every “warrior class” ever fielded (“feel-did”? smirk smirk)has been a cozy hotbed of faggotry? Starting just randomly (randily?)with various Greek Freeks and Alexander the Great Queer, on through Adolf Hitler’s booted buggers, show me a “warrior class” and I’ll show you a lisping covey of queens!

    “I pity thee” — how thweet!!

    The first openly queer man I ever knew and called “girlfriend” was a 200+ pound merchant mariner with biceps like tattooed hams, fists to match, and the soul of a 15-year-old choirgirl. JoJo survived barroom brawls in ports Mr. Warrior Class would be scared to set foot in, but bled out in a Ft. Worth alley one cold goddam night in 1963, the victim of a vicious knife attack by some pretty-boy hater he just wanted to consensually blow. He was a good friend and protector to me, without seeming “protective”, in a dangerous time and place, and I would rather have one such friend than 100 self-aggrandizing, yet not-self-knowing, fools like this “Obbop”!

  2. To see Americans of all sexual orientations marching and demonstrating as a redux of the days of the 60’s and civil rights marchers and protesters is encouraging. That tens of thousands of demonstrators are loudly speaking up across America in these tough and uncertain economic times is even more encouraging. Taunts of “nigger lover” were hurled at demonstrators trying to stop racial prejudice and hatred some 40 years ago.

    The civil rights act 1968 added Federal enforcement against racial discrimination and helped end racial stereotyping in the press, movies and on TV. Homophobia is passed from generation to generation today by generally condoned stereotyping of homosexuals. This is reinforced because even the US government still kicks “them” out of the armed forces if they “tell” instead of “not telling.” It is a situation not unlike the 40’s and 50’s when blacks could serve in the military, but only in all black units and when they went back home they still had to go to the back of the bus, and drink from “colored” water fountains.

    Ignorance breeds fear and intolerance. Obbop’s comments make it clear he or she is just another “Lady in the red dress” telling Senator McCain that Obama was an “Arab!” Obbop is archetypically ignorant and predisposed to hate things outside a very narrow intellectual capability. Homosexuality isn’t a virus that can be passed on from close association. Being dark skinned is not the result of a virus lurking out there waiting to turn people black. The red-headed freckle faced kid with the dark haired brothers and sisters is no different than the other siblings and will not be treated like a pariah by society. But if he or she is red-headed, freckle faced, and is born with a same-sex sexual drive, then America’s Obbops will be out there waiting to “piss on them.”

    Wonder if Obbop would piss on the gay surgeon on call who is about to remove his or her ruptured appendix? Would Obbop rather just piss on that surgeon and wait till a heterosexual surgeon could be called in? Wonder if Obbop considers itself to be a patriot, an upstanding American and follower of a prophet proclaiming salvation through the christian bible? Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    Wonder if Obbop ever had a beer with a black or an Arab or a homosexual? Probably not because in his or her mindset the black would either assault, rape, or otherwise do something dangerous. The Arab would also cause some sort of harm and might even be wearing a bomb vest. Obbop probably has talked to homosexuals lots of times but isn’t aware of it because they weren’t light in the loafers, spoke in a normal, lisp-free voice, were interested in the the NFL and drank Bud Lite. Obbop also didn’t realize that the interesting homosexual he or she was having a beer with didn’t make a pass for the same reason Obbop supposedly doesn’t make passes at members his or her own sex . . . the attraction just wasn’t there.

    Maybe Obbop might really like to make that pass, but is terrified that his circle of righteous warrior friends might piss on him . . . or her.

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