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By Danny Schechter
Nov 19, 2006, 09:22

New York, New York: Ok, class. No talking. Pencils up. All eyes on the exam. Here’s the first multiple-choice question:

The Iraq War is Bad Because:

  1. It is illegal, immoral, and criminal
  2. It has ended up killing and maiming millions of Iraqis we promised to free
  3. It has devastated a country and ignited world opinion against the United States and caused thousands of US casualties
  4. It has debased our media and turned much of it into a propaganda organ
  5. It was badly managed and poorly executed

And that’s where we begin to disagree with what young Schechter says. Although each of a through e are true (well, except d – the media was already a piece of flaming garbage before 19 March 2003), it’s beside the point saying anything but the Iraq war is illegal, immoral and criminal. But now let’s get on with holding those responsible to account for the breaking of numerous international laws. Let’s get on with opening the Nuremburg Tribunal once again so that we can bring the Amerikan criminals to the dock where they belong. And let’s get on with turning off our televisions, ceasing to purchase propaganda sold as news in the US, and face reality and the truth. Richard Jehn

Now on with Schechter’s article:

If you survey world opinion, there would be a consensus on selecting A-D as a response. If you polled most Democratic politicians and mainstream journalists, you would find overwhelming support ONLY for E-“the we screwed it up” thesis as the correct answer.

What was once hailed as a heroic mission is now being dismissed as a fiasco, error and “mistake,” and to some former war boosters, even a “noble mistake.”

In fact, that’s the view that seems to be framing what debate there has been on the war. It is still-AAU-All About Us. In this view, all that matters is our policy objectives but rarely our economic or geo-political agenda. Iraq as a nation, as a culture and a people barely exists.

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