We’re Number Thirty-Seven

Thanks to Jeffrey Segal / The Rag Blog

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  1. I was going to send this to you when I heard it, but I see someone else beat me to it.

    It's a good song; a good example, and a rather entertaining tune as well.

    "Song sung blue; weeping on my pillow"………../dss

  2. dospesentas says:

    Another 3 chord song with ‘attitude’. Gosh ‘death panels’, nothing like a stale, worn out criticism to spearhead a ‘cutting edge’ song. Oh, someone said ‘death panel’; so any criticism of government takeover of healthcare is now irrelevant. LAME!

    While we’re grooving to the music, let’s not forget the important point: No proof exists that government healthcare will substantially improve our healtcare.

    Also lost:

    > The W.H.O. in determining healthcare quality, puts funding equity (health care paid by others) as a top priority, this gives a major point bonus to any country with goverment funded healthcare. Without it, the U.S. would rate in the top 10.

    > Most these countries eat far less processed foods, have lower average weight and better/healthier lifestyles that the U.S.

    > The differences between the best and ours is slight.

    > France and others higher on the list, pay huge taxes to fund the systems.

    > You never hear any comparison to Russia, India and China – all with government healtcare systems. Look where they rate and you will see why.

    > Most the countries the W.H.O. rates ‘better’ than the U.S. don’t even have a medical school. They also have very little (if any) medical, drug and medical systems research.

    > If the U.S. is so ‘inferior’ why does everyone come here for care? Why do so few Americans willingly seek care in these countries? Where would YOU go for cancer care; M.D. Anderson in Houston or a government run, public hospital in Italy (ranked #2), San Marino (#3), Andorra (#4) or Malta (#5). The same question could be asked regarding heart surgery, transplants or other major proceedures.

    Curiously, one of the big criticisms in the song relates to elder care in the U.S., which IS provided by the government.

  3. One needs to remember that Medicare doesn’t cover 100% of LONG-TERM HEALTH CARE; thousands are paying 100% of their nursing home costs and other expenses.

    That’s an issue that should earn specific and immediate attention.

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