Who Needs Watergate? We’ve Got Joe the Plumber!

Looking good, Joe.

Latest on Joe: Things just ain’t what they seem.
By sweatpantsmom / October 16, 2008

If you watched the third and final presidential debate last night you know that there were many mentions of “Joe the Plumber.” Joe is actually Joe Wurzelbacher, an ‘everyman’ who appeared out of a crowd at an Obama campaign appearance and asked the senator about his economic plan. Joe says his American Dream is being able to provide for his family and send his son to college. But some are saying that Joe isn’t who he appears to be.

Here’s the buzz from the internet:

* Wurzelbacher, who says he was playing football outside with his son when he came upon the crowd gathered around Obama, was planted by the Republican party. This would explain how conservative sites got stories posted about him in advance of the debate and how easily everyone else found him for interviews.

* Wurzelbacher is not a registered voter.

* Wurzelbacher may not be licensed in his home state of Ohio.

* Wurzelbacher may be related to Robert Wurzelbacher of Cincinnati, Ohio, who happens to be Charles Keating’s son-in-law. Keating was implicated in the Keating 5 scandal.

* Wurzelbacher already owns a few companies, which would contradict his claims of being a plumber looking to buy a small business.

(One thing that is on the record: Wurzelbacher compared Obama to Sammy Davis Jr. in an interview with Katie Couric. Ouch.)

So is any of this true? I’m not sure, but some things are suspicious. For instance, how was it that a newspaper was present when Joe was watching the debates (they took the picture above) if Joe didn’t know his name would be mentioned?

I’m sure the National Enquirer is already hot on Wurzelbacher’s trail, so expect to hear more on Joe the Plumber soon. In the meantime, I’d like to get Joe’s number – my bathroom faucet is leaking.

UPDATE: MSNBC has confirmed that Wurzelbacher has no plumbing license.

Source / Babble

Also see Joe in the Spotlight / by Larry Rohter and Liz Robbings / The Caucus / New York Times / Oct. 16, 2008

Thanks to Carl Davidson / The Rag Blog

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2 Responses to Who Needs Watergate? We’ve Got Joe the Plumber!

  1. Well since I lived in Cincinnati and am familiar with the name (as well as having worked for Charles Keating at his law firm), I can tell you this name was mentioned ‘more than once’ during my tenure at the law firm.

    Also, you need to include Carl Linder; he’s behind Keating – and just about anyone who lives in the greater Cincinnati area (in fact as a billionaire, just about anyone in Ohio or Indiana since Linder has family who live there too).

    Also, look up Max Hoffmeyer (or at least Hoffmeyer Plumbing), because Hoffmeyer was a main contributor to the Republican party and had major contacts with the ‘plumbers’ in the entire area.

    Also, I lived just off Colerain Avenue (Colerain is a township). I was married to a plumber; his uncle worked for Carl Linder, so my diary is pretty ‘replete’ with entries from the years of 1976 until 1980 when divorced from this person. His father was also a plumber; his grand-father was a plumber, and it’s not tough getting ‘work’ on the properties held by slum-lords (repair plumbing) when that property is owned by the likes of Linder and his gang.

    To Linder, it’s all about ‘getting inside the homes of ordinary folk’. That’s why Linder started United Dairy Farmers; looks so innocent and focused on the ‘common person’. Count the number of UDF’s in Ohio….

    A plumber ‘gets inside’ – they can make an assessment of the property value; then you ‘report back’ to Linder.

    Max Hoffmeyer actually had his guys keep ‘lists’ of slum properties that could be viable investments for Linder and his kind.

    Why do you think Ohio is always the ‘state’ that has to be ‘won’ in a presidential election?

    The greatest number of Germans and Nazi’s are in OHIO….there’s enough in the history books on this to stack up to an 8′ ceiling in most homes.

    You have to live there; you have to be ‘married to a kraut’ (as I was and as I also am), to understand how they perceive life.

    I’m a ‘kraut’ on a mission; one to undo the horrible ‘brain-washing’ my parents; grand-parents, and former husbands (4 of the 6 were German big-time) attempted. Nothing is worse than a ‘kraut’ on a mission; they’re ‘devil dogs’ (and I get that term from my husband who is retired marine) – that’s what they called the Marines, but in fact, I know what it is to be beaten by a ‘kraut’; to be locked in a closet by a ‘kraut’, and to be ‘chained to my bed’, by a kraut. My dad’s justification was simply: “You think this is bad, you should have been me; I was chained to the dog-house and made to sleep outside all night when I fucked up”!!!! From a dog-house to a bed-post – somehow my father saw it as an ‘improvement’.

    You’re dealing with a mind-set that most humane people can’t understand….

    I moved my children OUT OF CINCINNATI because I never wanted them to come even close to adopting the thinking of so many in that city.

    Remember, once Jerry Springer was a councilman; a decent guy (I worked with him), and he chose to head off to Chicago and become the ‘king of crap’ on his television show. Why? Because he was persecuted and accused by the likes of Keating and Linder, so he figured if he was going to be falsely accused, he might as well make money from being rightfully accused. I saw an honest and decent energetic community-minded person ‘throw the towel’, and ruin his integrity in exchange for plenty of $$$ and the need to get away from the ‘grip’ of the many ‘snotty-nazi’s who make up more of the Ohio landscape than anyone would like to believe or be told.

    I’m glad you posted this….

    And if you don’t believe the ‘kraut’ concept, check out the Cincinnati telephone book; that’s the best way to start. /ds

  2. Mariann says:

    Well, McCain got away with the planted lady in the “town hall” session who called Obama an Arab and was “chastised” by McCain (what a fair-minded guy!!!), so now they are planting plumbers — oh wait a minute — non-licensed plumbers who are related to high-falutin’ rich folks…

    Happy — this is some amazing stuff in your post about Ohio — but believe it that every state has its dirty laundry!

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