…I Approve this Method

Cartoon by Charlie Loving / The Rag Blog.
The Rag Blog

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1 Response to …I Approve this Method

  1. You’ve got that right (or at least the cartoonist does)!!!

    Now watch for the a.hole McCain to start a melee during one of Obama’s tours; McCain will probably see a need for ‘violence’ to prove that our country isn’t ready for a ‘black man’, or a man with an unusual name.

    Just remember, McCain ain’t Scottish, and we all know the number of Irish mobsters and bootleggers that came into this country – I got good Irish friends, but I also know they’re damned good at putting a monkey wrench in at the right time.

    I hope our voting citizens over-throw every single attempt McCain is making, to continue to destroy our America.

    Even if it takes a revolt, as old as I am, I’m up to it….

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