Willard Wigan: A Remarkable Sculptor

What got me about this video is what Mr. Wigan says about how he was treated as a child. It is remarkable to see how he has overcome his negative childhood feelings. And I believe we can all rise to such occasions of hardship.

Richard Jehn / The Rag Blog

Willard Wigan, Micro-Sculptor

Source / Biertijd.com

Thanks to Mariann Wizard / The Rag Blog

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  1. DAC Gallery says:

    Wigan is doing a US tour this summer! First stop: L.A.! Show runs June 11 to July 5th at DAC Gallery in Los Angeles. Tickets at http://www.ecf.net/news-and-events/upcoming-events/willard-wigan-solo-tour—first-us-exhibition

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