Gov. Rick Perry says he’s delighted that Rush Limbaugh has mentioned maybe moving to Texas. And the governor is throwing out the welcome mat to the conservative radio talker. Limbaugh says he’s tired of the taxes in New York and wants to move — and mentioned Texas as a possibility. Perry says he’s in the process of contacting Rush personally to extend the invitation, but we got to him first — so it’s public. Perry told me the Lone Star State would be a great place for El Rushbo.

“He’s not unlike other people who want to go to a place that’s got low taxes and fair regulations and a balanced legal system and a skilled work force. Excellence in Broadcasting hires a lot of people. So if he wants to go somewhere where he works hard and keeps more of what he makes, Texas is the place to do that.”

As we reported last weekend, Limbaugh maintains two residences – New York City and Palm Beach, Florida. He spends most of his time in Florida, but says he wants to maintain two homes/studios to assure he can broadcast uninterrupted during hurricane season.

Apparently, Galveston is out – hurricane season. He’d certainly have no problem finding politically compatible neighbors in Midland or Dallas or, for that matter, much of West Texas. But The Republican governor has another idea for the king of conservative radio to call his second home: Austin.

“I think Austin would be an awesome place for Rush Limbaugh. You know, keep Austin weird. Isn’t that the city’s unofficial motto?”

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