Grassroots Action

Cartoon by Charlie Loving / The Rag Blog

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  1. I already sent you my thoughts on this plus a couple links to check the locations (700) that are going to demonstrate (most near the court buildings). The other link was how to buy a ‘tea-shirt’/t-shirt (from $16.95 up to $23.95 for the bigger size).

    It’s nothing but a way to get people to buy from the street vendors that will serve up over-priced bottled water; soft-drinks – expensive hot dogs, and litter the area after they leave so the city will end up cleaning up the mess!

    They toss a tea bag into a bucket; guess that’s made a few extra $$$$ for Lipton and the other tea-bag producers.

    I found this short article; it speaks my thoughts. What I’m wondering is where was the ‘tea-party’ when GWB and company were putting us in this mess the past EIGHT YEARS – what his administration did was enough for us to have a national PISSING PARTY – a bucket; pee in it and send it along with our old pair of shoes….that’s what should have happened.

    Anyway, this article says it the way I see it (below):

    News & Opinion
    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    The impact of Tea Parties
    Americans in all 50 states are holding “tea parties” on Wednesday, said Glenn Harlan Reynolds in The Wall Street Journal, and this is not some part of a “grand right-wing conspiracy.”

    These gatherings are for “ordinary folks” fed up with “higher taxes and out-of-control government spending.” This grassroots effort may revitalize the small-government cause.

    You wish, said Joan Walsh in Salon. These gimmicky protests are “the work of a small if increasingly angry echo chamber of Obama obstructionists” who are hopelessly out of touch.

    President Obama has kept his campaign promise and lowered taxes for roughly 95 percent of Americans — so the “shrill” Tea Party protests won’t hurt the president’s popularity.

    Maybe, said Jon Kraushar in Fox News, and maybe they’ll “augur a major change stemming from growing dissatisfaction among the American electorate.” At the moment, there is no leader in the opposition who can match Obama’s allure — but that will change if a conservative leader can harness the growing anger at the bailouts and “breathtaking amount of government control” Obama is engineering.

    Don’t count on it — conservative leaders have lost their “political bearings,” said Marc Cooper in the Los Angeles Times. Nobody likes handing billions to “teetering banks and corporations.” But most Americans are sophisticated enough to get that the bailouts — “unlike the Bush lollipop tax cuts” — are “a radical, emergency measure to help Americans keep their jobs, their homes and their retirement.”

  2. Mariann says:

    Great cartoon, Charlie; that about says it! Except yr mastodons should be waving little flags or wearing the red, white and blue vests they got after 9-11 and don’t get much chance to wear anymore…

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