Badger On Iraqi Reconciliation Negotiations

Islamic Army in Iraq: The US is talking to the wrong people

London-based pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat calls attention to a statement by the leader of the Islamic Army in Iraq “On the Safavid Iranian Project”, posted on the IAI website. (Text version here; voice version here). Although the statement is dated December 28, the paper says it was published on the website yesterday (Saturday December 30).

The main point appears to be that as the focus of the battle shifts from the Americans to the Iranians, the Americans in their search for an exit are making the mistake of talking to “opportunists”, including Baathists, who say they represent the Iraqi resistance but don’t.

The newspaper’s summary begins with this: The Islamic ummah should prepare for the coming fateful battle for Baghdad, against the Americans and the agents of Iran. And it warns against what it calls the “opportunists” among the Baathists, who go around saying they represent the resistance and enter into talks (on that basis) with Arab and Western countries.

Read it here.

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