Canada’s Penchant for Peace Initiatives

It would be nice if we saw this sort of thing in the US more often. In Canada, it’s almost an annual tradition to introduce these sorts of bills into Parliament for consideration. Maybe someday, legislators world-wide will become enlightened enough to actually pass these into law.

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B.C. MP tables ‘peace tax’ bill
May 24, 2009

A private member’s bill proposed by a B.C. MP would see income tax paid by Canadians who oppose war be put into a special account not to be used by the military.

Burnaby-Douglas New Democrat MP Bill Siksay said he wants conscientious objectors to be able to register with the Canada Revenue Agency so their taxes can be diverted to a special peace tax account.

If Bill C-390 passes, the government would be able to access the account for anything except military spending.

“The reality is this would be a symbolic measure because the government still collects … tax dollars from everybody and the government will still decide how they are spent,” Siksay said.

“But it makes a point about some people who believe that the government shouldn’t be spending money on making war or buying armament.”

Siksay acknowledged the bill has little chance of passing, but said that’s not the point.

“You know, you table private member’s bills and motions to make a point and to try to stimulate discussion on issues and to provide a specific tool for lobbying and promoting change, and that’s what this particular private member’s bill about the peace tax is all about,” he said.

In 1983, the first private member’s bill calling for a National Peace Tax Fund was introduced into the House of Commons.

The bill has been reintroduced over a dozen times since.

Source / CBC News

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