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Ron Jacobs : Remembering the Resignation of ‘Nixon the Crook’

Front page of The Baltimore Sun, August 9, 1974. Let there be no question: Richard Nixon was a crook! He surrounded himself with men who did not believe in democracy but understood what compromise might be required to maintain and … Continue reading

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Canada’s Penchant for Peace Initiatives

It would be nice if we saw this sort of thing in the US more often. In Canada, it’s almost an annual tradition to introduce these sorts of bills into Parliament for consideration. Maybe someday, legislators world-wide will become enlightened … Continue reading

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Beyond the Bailout State : Empire of Depression

‘What kind of new administration could actually get beyond Roosevelt’s era as well as our own staggering disaster, leaving “the bailout state” behind us?’By Tom Engelhardt / December 1, 2008 See ‘Roosevelt’s Brain Trust vs Obama’s Brainiacs’ by Steve Fraser, … Continue reading

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Corporate America Prepares for Battle Against Progressive Labor Legislation

Big business building massive war chest to stop Employee Free Choice Act and other efforts to put a check on corporate powerBy Joshua Holland There is nothing more terrifying to corporate America than the prospect of dealing with its workforce … Continue reading

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