James Retherford :
IMAGE | ‘Make America White Again’


Digital image by James Retherford / The Rag Blog.

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10 Responses to James Retherford :
IMAGE | ‘Make America White Again’

  1. About true. Stormfront not only endorses him, but Don Black, the co-founder of their cult, said (last week) that the Founding Fathers had the expressed Original Intent for America to be an all white nation. Like I would bow to the commandments of a group of slave-owner (slave rapers) who died 200 years ago. Half my ancestry were in America for 10,000 years ago, so I don’t “get” the notion that Washington or any contemporary displaced royalty would be “founding fathers”.

  2. Extremist2theDHS says:

    Cant wait for either a Trump Presidency to heal the nation. Or a Clinton Presidency where the sleaze and filth she lives in will finally disgust even her most ardent supporters and help the movement that Trump has capitalized upon to crystalize into power.

    – Extremist2theDHS

    • James Retherford says:

      Yo, Extremist.

      Sleaze and filth?!? I’m the last person to nominate Hillary Clinton for sainthood, but, dude, if you aren’t disgusted with your boy’s dirty laundry list of dishonest, probably criminal, business dealings and disregard for basic human values, then your moral compass is broken. Good luck on that warranty.

      Unless you are a real-estate billionaire, what will Trump actually do for you? Give you a job? Withhold your paycheck? Tell you to sue? Jeez, some of you guys are so damned gullible.

      It’s called the Art of the Con, and there’s a sucker born evevery second!

      • Extremist2thedhs says:

        Unlike the voters for HRC, who vote for her to continue their federal handouts and goodie bags, I NEED nothing from my PRESIDENT. What he will do is control immigration, create a better job growth environment, and restore transparency to government. Your elitist attitude, that Trump supporters are too stupid to know what they are doing, provided motivation for us. Now that Election Day has bitch slapped that condescending grin off your face, I feel content for one day.


        • anonymous says:

          why do you resort to such violent language? “bitch slap” indeed

          • Extremist2thedhs says:

            You’re concerned about the tone of my words? As tolerant, peace loving Hillary supporters riot, destroy public and private property, and assault people in the streets.

            Here is a free lesson snow-flake. There is a reason why your ideology is so out of step with so many of us. Your question crystallized it perfectly.

            Proud to be an Extremist2thedhs

  3. virginia hill says:

    Gosh Jim, just looked at this photo and couldn’t help
    wondering….hmmmmmm,… does this mean that we
    aren’t going to be uniting as a country again? (Just asking).
    I mean, if anyone can do it, Donald can, right? Donald
    of Orange, he’s the man! GH

  4. robin says:

    ok..so its NOT real photo..is it? – its doctored…so not all the media we read is true..is ? … but one thing is sure… for many decades… i would say 4 or 5 ..the white male has been the kicking boy of the liberalists and we have been taking it up the ass …for too long…its time a WHITE amle stood up and said..enogu of your PC bullshit… this is really how it is..and im gonna fix it… he gives my soul more hope than obama or clinotn ever did… i would say he is better than reagan..and equally as good as JFK… and hes not even in office yet…!!!

    • Robin

      Make America White Again is a digital collage, my own artful reimagining and recombining of selected expropriated images. My intent is to peel away “codes” and hidden meanings in order to expose the core of Donald J. Trump’s racist message to self-described abused and degraded white males.

      My work is intended to be disruptive. In this digital collage, I make no attempt to be subtle about my point-of-view. In my opinion, subtle doesn’t work on Trump fanatics.

      (Maybe unsubtle doesn’t work either.)

      As for what Trump-loving white guys do in the bedroom, I must decline to comment. My imagination has limits.


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