Matt Wuerker : This is Hallowed Ground

“This is hallowed ground.” Cartoon by Matt Wuerker / Cartoonist Group / Politico / Center for American Progress.

Thanks to Thomas Cleaver / The Rag Blog

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5 Responses to Matt Wuerker : This is Hallowed Ground

  1. T.G. Fisher says:

    Anyone remember the movie “Viva Max”? Well, it’s worth forgeting. The most memorable thing about the 1969 piece of celluloid fluff (a comedy about a crazy Mexican army officer who decides to re-capture the Alamo)was the reaction of the little old ladies in tennis shoes who threw a fit when the movie’s producer wanted to film at and in the Alamo. “Not on this hallowed ground,” they screamed. He ended up going to Italy where there was a similar mission. A writer whose name I don’t remember pointed out to the outraged ladies, who would not allow the “hallowed battle ground” to be defiled, that the chapel, the only part of the Alamo left standing, was where the women and children hid. The battle, he told them, was across the street where the Walgreens is now. And he learned the price of committing the wrong of being right.

  2. Brother Jonah says:

    The guy who played Gomez Addams in the teevee series, when Col. Max said “It is said that my men would not follow me into a whorehouse”… Teniente says “Oh, no, Jefe, they are wrong, your men WOULD follow you into a whorehouse”

    But the same (what’s the latin plural for “dufus”? Dufuses? Dufa? Dufii? Fudpuckers?) fine folks said that anybody who doesn’t believe and teach that the whole story of the Alamo as presented by His Royal Highness John Wayne is enabling Terrorists. If people can say that David Crockett was captured and then executed (itself a heinous war crime) instead of being run through with Spanish steel while swinging his rifle like a club… means that Our Troops wouldn’t have the proper morale to fight against the Dark Skinned Hordes in the GWOT.

    Not allowed to question even the unofficial history.

    They also reject the right of Cheyenne people to come to the site of the Sand Creek Massacre here in Colorado Springs area every winter to commemorate their relatives being slaughtered. Because it… errr… ummm… It’s not good to stir up old painful memories and besides they now say that it was a military battle against “insurgents” instead of a Terrorist act against Civilians. This is one of those incidents that would merit the special invention of a dismissive facial and hand gesture where you say the Word “Whatever!”

    Except there are people rabid enough to try to make it the Law of the Land.

    Why don’t they object to Tim McVeigh, “christian” Warrior being commemorated or the victims of his actions being insulted by Crosses placed near the Ground Zero in Oklahoma City? OK so that question answers itself.

  3. Brother Jonah says:

    And, yeah, the movie did drag a bit in places. More of a Social comic drama than any kind of action flick, which puts it better than the John Wayne rendition. 1969, it was still illegal in Texas to marry or even have sex with a member of another “race”. For its time it would be a huge political risk in Texas to make the film. I didn’t see it until almost 12 years later, in Ft Worth. What do you reckon there’ll be some kind of screaming against any mention of The Movie as “sacrilege”?

  4. Brother Jonah says:

    I can’t see in the cartoon maybe just because my eyes fade-to-crap in a split heartbeat. But some of the businesses right next to it are porn shops.

    Something the Right Wingers object to nearly as much as they do Islam. Publicly at least.

    Privately or at least in public restrooms they tend to take a wider stance on the issue.

  5. Mariann says:

    Bro Jonah, you remind me how blessed we were by the life of Jack “Jaxon” Jackson, who penned serious graphic histories of many of the events and personages of early Texas. The Daughters of the Alamo said there wasn’t room for his version of that story in their gift shop, because it cut a little too close to the bone! I’m hoping that has changed, anyone know?

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