METRO | Lamar W. Hankins : Birthing book linked to death of Pursley baby in East Texas cult

The Texas Family Code states explicitly that parents have a duty to provide medical care to their child.

pursley family

Kristen and Daniel Pursley with their three older children and the baby born after the death of Faith.

By Lamar W. Hankins | The Rag Blog | November 10, 2014

“I have some grievous news. The Lord took her.”
Daniel Pursley

WELLS, Texas — When I first wrote about the May 2012 death in Wells, Texas, of the three-day-old baby Faith Shalom Pursley (The Rag Blog, August 11, 2014), two related and unanswered questions kept occurring to me: (1) Why would people who usually accept medical care fail to provide medical attention to their new-born baby? and (2) What made Daniel Pursley, who had no training in birthing, want to deliver his own child without medical or even midwife assistance? Since then, thanks to information from several sources, I may have an answer to those questions.

Four books and publications are connected to the death of Faith Pursley: the Texas Family Code, the Texas Penal Code, the Bible (as interpreted by the “elders” of the Church of Wells), and Born in Zion, a book written by a former nurse from Tampa, Florida, whose ideas are on the extreme fringe of evangelicalism, home birth, and midwifery.

I discussed the first three in my August 11 article about the negligent and reckless death of the three-day old infant, who was born with a routinely treatable birth defect, but received no medical care because her parents and the Church of Wells “elders” decided to deny the baby medical care in favor of praying that she would get well and, after she died, praying for her resurrection for up to 15 hours before reporting her death.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and two Cherokee County District Attorneys — Elmer Beckworth and Rachel Patton — ignored the plain requirements of the Family Code that parents must provide medical care for their children. County officials have tried to confuse the public about the fact that a crime was committed when the parents did not seek medical care for Faith Pursley when she exhibited several signs of medical distress from just after her birth until she died less than 72 hours later.

DA Beckworth argued that the parents could not be held liable if they did not intend the death.

DA Beckworth suggested to one voter — Wells Pastor Jim Maddox — four months after the baby’s death, that there were religious reasons the parents could not be prosecuted. Beckworth lost reelection to current DA Patton, who also has refused to go forward with any prosecution. Details of the crime can be found in my August 11 article. In a conversation I had with Beckworth this past summer, he argued that the parents could not be held liable if they did not intend the death. However, he is mistaken. This is not the law in Texas.

The Texas Family Code states explicitly that parents have a duty to provide medical care to their child (section 151.001). If parents intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence, by act or by omission, cause a child physical harm there can be no question that they violate Texas law in one of two ways. They would be guilty of either injury to a child or criminally negligent homicide. If they ignore a substantial and unjustifiable risk that a child would die without medical help (recklessness), they would be guilty of manslaughter.

Captain John Raffield of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has made misleading statements that suggest that freedom of religion was involved with the baby’s death:

Hundreds of thousands of people give birth outside a hospital and hundreds of thousands do not get prenatal care. Prenatal care would have saved the baby. (But for) all the women who don’t receive prenatal care, are we going to charge them? Then, because of how they decided to handle it afterwords, we run into freedom of religion and things of that nature.

Raffield failed to comment on the clear evidence that a crime was committed under the Texas Family Code and the Texas Penal Code. The prayers for the baby’s resurrection after her death are irrelevant to the medical neglect and recklessness that preceded her death. Arguably, lack of prenatal care would be insufficient grounds on which to base a prosecution. But medical neglect after the baby was born falls squarely within Texas law.

‘Born in Zion’ promotes, in dogmatic terms, leaving medical personnel, including midwives, out of the birth process.

born in zionSeveral people have come forward to provide information that links the 2012 death of Faith Shalom Pursley to a birthing book self-published in 1992 by an extremist Florida sect leader, Carol Balizet. Born in Zion promotes, in dogmatic terms, leaving medical personnel, including midwives, out of the birth process and having a father deliver the baby. She believes such practices are God’s will. She claims to know this because God speaks to her regularly to direct her actions when attending the expected birth of a child as a “spiritual midwife.”

From several sources, I have confirmed that Daniel and Kristen Pursley had a copy of Balizet’s book and used it as a birthing and infant care manual when Faith was born. I have been unable to confirm whether Child Protective Services was aware that they were using the book, but it is near certain (based on their statements) that the “elders” knew of and supported its views, which led to their deadly directives to the Pursleys to forego medical assistance for the baby.

Her views are bizarre from most theological, biblical, and medical perspectives

Balizet considers herself a “spiritual midwife,” as opposed to being an actual midwife committed to responding actively and positively to the condition of the fetus, the mother (both before and after delivery), and the baby after it is born. Her views, outlined below, are anti-medical practice, in violation of midwifery standards and protocols, and bizarre from most theological, biblical, and medical perspectives:

    • medical problems in labor are a result of the mother’s own spiritual practices and may result from insufficient faith in God or disputes between the parents
    • problems with child birth, particularly breech births, can result from a home that is not sufficiently spiritual — a wife who is not in submission to her husband, children in rebellion against parents, a home that is out of order
    • if someone in the family doesn’t want the baby, this may cause the umbilical cord to be wrapped around the baby’s neck
    • the mother’s rejection of the pregnancy causes morning sickness
    • pride can cause a long labor (Balizet’s reasoning: the Bible says that pride is caused by a stiff neck and the Latin name “cervix” means neck in English)
    • a new mother’s excessive bleeding can be caused by “the soul life being poured out”
    • if the placenta is delayed in coming out of the uterus, the cause may be something that the mother is hanging onto that God wants her to give up
    • perineal tears are caused by past misdeeds (“defilements”) of the mother
    • a long and painful delivery may be “the result of the parents not agreeing with God about … discipline”
    • hospitals are filled with demons — “nudity, fear, pain, greed, lust, unbelief, drugs, death” all allow demons to be present and these conditions exist in all hospitals
    • pelvic examinations by doctors are just submission to “a spirit of fornication and lust” that create a spiritual tie to the doctor and require repentance (this is also one reason a doctor should not be allowed to deliver a baby, whether in a hospital or a home)
    • as the spiritual leader (“priest”) of the home, the father should be the first to lay hands on the baby as it is born so that he may claim his priestly authority over the infant
    • if pain medicine is used in the delivery, both the mother and the baby will be invaded by demons associated with witchcraft and sorcery
    • if inoculations or medications are given to a newborn, the child will have problems later in life with drug abuse
    • miscarriages are punishments by God for refusing to let “Him be in control of the womb” (Kristin Pursley claims to have had several miscarriages before the birth of Faith)
    • there is no need to be alarmed if a baby is born and does not start breathing on its own within a few moments: Balizet’s practice is to wait as long as 30 minutes for breathing to begin, intervening only if God instructs her to do so
    • nothing bad or unpleasant will happen to a Christian if he or she stays always in the “spirit realm” — this is the reason parents and others must stand by doing nothing while a baby dies

Balizet views all medical or health problems as caused by spiritual insufficiencies — from arthritis, to diarrhea, to hemorrhoids, to nail-biting, to mastitis, to blindness, and virtually every other malady humans may have

Balizet also opposes Caesarian births, though she has had four such procedures herself. She links the procedure to Julius Caesar, stating that it will release “a spirit of Caesar… typified by despotic, humanistic man ruling without the Spirit or wisdom of God.” However, the name given the procedure appears not to have been related to Julius Caesar, but to the Latin name given the law (Lex Caesarea) – in effect for 600 years before Julius Caesar lived — that required removing a dead fetus from a mother who died during childbirth.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of Balizet’s practices is that she alone decides
what is God’s will.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of Balizet’s practices is that she alone decides what is God’s will when she agrees to serve as a “spiritual midwife.” This has led her to allow labor to go on for three days without intervention, to desert a woman who was hemorrhaging and going into shock (God told her, she reports, to ignore the problems because they didn’t really exist), to tell a woman in labor that she wasn’t really hurting, and to many more horrors. But sometimes God tells Balizet to intervene, using her actual midwifery skills to remove placental fragments and blood clots, to turn a breech baby, or to suction mucus from a newborn’s nose.

Balizet believes that true Christians must be separated from the counterfeits of the world — “the seven systems of Satan” — banking, public education, government, formal religion, institutional medicine, science, and entertainment. She explains her basic tenets:

Our goal is to encourage separation from the counterfeits of the world, and entrance into what is symbolically called Zion. This is a life TOTALLY dependent on God alone. We advocate home childbirth, home schooling, home healing, often even home churching, and other things which accompany a separation from the world and a return to the God-centered reality of the kingdom.

Balizet’s views have been augmented by books and beliefs espousing similar views, from the Quiverfull movement (God should be allowed to give a couple as many children as possible — a quiverfull — to help “win the religion and culture wars through demographic means”), the “Above Rubies” teachings, Vision Forum, Focus on the Family, Kenneth Copeland’s Word-Faith movement, and the Christian Patriarchy Movement.

Such views as Balizet’s have been preached by Church of Wells “elders” and other leaders, especially Cory McLaughlin, who has been identified as the person who likely convinced Daniel and Kristin Pursley to follow Balizet’s teachings about childbirth.

Pursley’s mother-in-law, Karen Dean, with whom he now refuses to talk, was astonished to find that earlier communications with her husband from Daniel contained many exact or nearly exact phrases from some of the sources cited above.

Those who encourage childbirth without medical assistance are firmly rooted in a worldview whose locus is a time when blood-letting and witchcraft were more prevalent than science and there were no laws to protect children from callous and distorted childcare practices based on ignorance, indifference, impatience, meanness, negligence, and recklessness.

Even evangelical home birth advocates find Balizet’s views shocking.

Even evangelical home birth advocates find Balizet’s views shocking. Jill Barrett, a Christian home birth advocate and blogger, has this to say about Born in Zion: “There is hardly a page in (the book) which does not strike me, and many other Christian home birth advocates, as blasphemous, heretical, or ludicrous in one way or another.” Barrett finds Balizet’s God as essentially powerless to do good in the world, constrained by a would-be Christian’s lack of faith and “the wrong kinds of prayers, sin, and most of all, Satan.” From Barrett’s perspective, Balizet’s belief in Satan makes Satan more powerful than God.

Barrett is even more explicit about the error of Balizet’s beliefs and practices in this statement:

If it is dangerous to have a so-called midwife attending you in childbirth who believes that Satan is controlling your birth unless she takes control, and who believes that at any moment God could tell her to walk out on you, it is more dangerous still to have a birth attendant who believes that reality is whatever she decides it is.

Faith Pursley is not the first child to die because her parents followed Balizet’s advice. Fifteen years ago, two children in the Attleboro cult in Massachusetts died. In 2001, in keeping with Balizet’s teachings, a mother died because of a lack of medical attention over a several-week period following post-childbirth hemorrhaging. In 2007, a Missouri woman and her baby died after the parents followed Balizet’s advice and relied on prayer, rather than seeking medical care, even after a childbirth instructor advised them to go to the hospital after she realized that the fetus had defecated in utero.

Another Christian evangelical who is highly critical of Balizet’s teachings is Adrian van Leen of Lookout Ministries, Inc. She sums up Balizet’s views from her research:

Sadly, the results of Balizet’s bizarre beliefs are not what most Christians would see to be God’s will. The teaching and practices of Balizet and her Home in Zion Ministries has a ring of Christian Science about it, with much of the Word-Faith movement as well, with dangerous consequences…. There is evidence of babies being still-born, of young children dying through medical neglect, and of mothers dying, when a call to an ambulance would have saved their lives…. Balizet and her Home in Zion Ministries believers are cultic, heretical, bizarre and dangerous. They grossly distort God’s Written Word, dishonor Christ, and endanger lives — especially the lives of young children.

No matter their religious beliefs, in Texas parents are not free to neglect a
child’s medical needs.

This is the environment that Faith Shalom Pursley was born into and that resulted in her death. No matter their religious beliefs, in Texas parents are not free to neglect a child’s medical needs because of a mistaken aversion to Texas child welfare laws. But Church of Wells “elders” and members also rely on a special relationship with Cherokee County officials, who won’t act against them because the officials fear that they will be accused of violating the religious freedom of parents and other members.

As Jill Barrett has written, “It will be regrettable if Zion Birth becomes everyone’s idea of Christian midwifery. It isn’t Christian, and it isn’t midwifery.” Barrett’s comment denouncing Balizet’s kind of midwifery is certainly true in Texas. Had a midwife licensed in Texas assisted with the birth of Faith Pursley, the regulations that midwives are required to follow would have assured that the baby would have received the medical care she desperately needed. But the arrogance and religious smugness of the Pursleys and the “elders” prevented the use of a licensed midwife.

Contrary to Daniel Pursley’s statement blaming God for the baby’s death, the cause of Faith Pursley’s death was parental neglect and their reckless behavior in following the absurd advice of a deranged religious extremist from Florida, as well as the directives of their own “elders.” If the parents and the “elders” of the Church of Wells don’t understand their wrongful conduct regarding baby Faith, no action by the members of that group is beyond the pale of the most extreme circumstances imaginable — and we can expect more unnecessary and tragic deaths in Cherokee County.

[Thanks to the many bloggers and commenters who are not mentioned by name in this article, to Kathryn Joyce (writing at, and to those who contacted me directly, who contributed to and helped guide my research on this topic. – LWH]

Read more Rag Blog articles by Lamar W. Hankins, including his earlier writings about the Church of Wells, and listen to Hankins discuss the East Texas cult with Thorne Dreyer on Rag Radio.

[Rag Blog columnist Lamar W. Hankins, a former San Marcos, Texas, city attorney, also blogs at Texas Freethought Journal. This article © Texas Freethought Journal, Lamar W. Hankins.]

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88 Responses to METRO | Lamar W. Hankins : Birthing book linked to death of Pursley baby in East Texas cult

  1. Tarka says:

    Wonderful article!

    Can you elaborate on the “special relationship with Cherokee County officials” you mention in the latter part of your article?

    Also, what can readers do to pressure that new DA into bringing those responsible to justice?

    • anon says:

      Not much. Too late. Water under the bridge. Just make sure everyone in Cherokee County, Texas knows to use religion as a defense. That’ll get some attention after awhile.

      • anonymous says:

        Every attorney that ever defended a case being prosecuted in Cherokee County should be scrambling right now to get convictions overturned and the defendant released, based on intent. Judges would have no choice. They’d have to throw cases out.

        That would put some pressure on prosecutors, wouldn’t it?

      • Just wondering says:

        It is my understanding that it is not too late for charges against somebody!

    • anonymous says:

      Tarka, one single action that would speak the loudest: find one case in Texas – any county – of faith-based neglect/child abuse that’s been prosecuted as such. Then find one single case that indicted parents for harm caused by religious beliefs. Any religion, any case.

      That’s building precedent-setting case law. Then you take that to the DA’s boss formally. You request to be heard by probably the County Commission (?). Then you send out press releases and call the media. Invite advocacy groups, CPS leadership, local and state politicians. Invite the opposition, too, because then you know it will get attention.

      But your statements and dossier must be bullet-proof, documentable, and absent of hearsay and innuendo. Unimpeachable empirical information, succinct and well-presented. No gossip. No tittilating speculation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Heartbreaking to read all this time later, that DA Beckworth and Maddox had that conversation. Had it been known at the time, there’s quite a lot different that could have happened. That could have been addressed fairly effectively through existing means for citizens to call attention to mistakes.
    That position was suspected (what other rationale could there be for not bringing some kind of neglect charge) but couldn’t be confirmed.

    No, if criminality and subsequent charges were predicated on intent, the criminal justice system’s load would be a lot lighter. DUIs, domestic violence, assault, child neglect, and some part of the homicides would never be charged to begin with, much less convicted.

    In fact, standard legal precedent and instruction is that intent must be disregarded up to the point of a jury trial. Intent is a mitigating defense left to an attorney doing a good job on behalf of a client.

    How unfortunate. It could have been addressed.

  3. anonymous says:

    Heartbreaking to read all this time later, that DA Beckworth and Maddox had that conversation. Had it been known at the time, there’s quite a lot different that could have happened. That could have been addressed fairly effectively through existing means for citizens to call attention to mistakes.
    That position was suspected (what other rationale could there be for not bringing some kind of neglect charge) but couldn’t be confirmed.

    No, if criminality and subsequent charges were predicated on intent, the criminal justice system’s load would be a lot lighter. DUIs, domestic violence, assault, child neglect, and some part of the homicides would never be charged to begin with, much less convicted.

    In fact, standard legal precedent and instruction is that intent must be disregarded up to the point of a jury trial. Intent is a mitigating defense left to an attorney doing a good job on behalf of a client.

    How unfortunate. It could have been addressed.

  4. We See Through You says:

    Baby Faith Shalom was CRIMINALLY failed by her parents, by the cow elders, by the Cherokee County DA’s, Beckworth and Patton, and by the CCSO. SHAME on all of you, but most especially Kristen and Daniel Pursley for knowing that your baby was so physically ill and for just standing by and watching her die a drawn-out, painful, UNNECESSARY death in order to somehow impress your cult leader buddies. Wow, allowing your newborn baby to die was a brave thing to do, wasn’t it? Makes you some kind of special super-hero Christian, doesn’t it? CLEARLY, a crime was committed against this poor, defenseless three day old infant, and CLEARLY, she was paraded around after her body was lifeless, cold, and hard, so that some kind of “miracle” might be performed upon her after it was way too late!!! Shame on you, Dan Pursley, for trying to blame God for YOUR absolute negligence! Take blame where blame is due, big guy. What is wrong with you people??? You are all sick. Every single one of you who stood there and allowed that baby to die is culpable. Pursleys, if it was one of your older children who was starved to death because you neglected to provide necessary medical care, why do you believe that that would be any different from what YOU did to Baby Faith? You might have gotten lucky this time, but do not believe that you will get lucky if anyone else from your delusional, evil cult dies. You are being very closely monitored. There are eyes everywhere, cow boys. Seeing you go to prison will be a WINNING day for God when it happens…Cannot WAIT!!!

  5. We See Through You says:

    Once again, GREAT investigating, Lamar Hankins! You are shining a bright light in a VERY, VERY dark corner of the earth. Hopefully, the roaches will begin to scurry very soon releasing the victims of their noxious disease.

  6. higherfragrance says:

    Even after all I already knew about this deadly cult, I am horrified to read about the influence that the teachings of this self-professed spiritual midwife had upon the members, especially the parents of Faith Pursley, and their elders. I am sickened by it, and incensed that such beliefs and practices are accepted as Christian based. They are nothing of the sort.

    • anonymous says:

      Of course it’s Christian. All based on scripture. Nothing new. These creatures aren’t the first to promote these ideas and won’t be the last, you can count on it. Generations of American Christian Reformationist/Revival doctrine, like it or not.
      You don’t like this particular version, but that’s the foundation of religious freedom. Everybody gets to believe as they choose.

  7. Lamar Hankins says:

    Tarka asked for more information about the CoW relationship to the CCSO. Early in my investigations, I learned that CCSO deputies shared cell phone numbers with the “elders” and others in the CoW. They called and texted one another. Deputies used to buy gas and other products from the R&R when the CoW still operated it. They may even be BFFs.

    Deputies did not investigate the report of Catherine Grove being assaulted and forced into a car late one night by 5 men. There is some evidence that they just checked in with CoW leaders by cell phone to see if there was a problem after witnesses reported the incident. When they were assured there was no problem they did nothing. This is a kind of corruption that is worse than taking bribes because it undermines the basic function of law enforcement and creates fear of the people who are supposed to protect us.

    Also, the response of the CCSO in launching a search for Catherine Grove when there was no reason to think she was in any danger was rather extraordinary. According to Capt. Raffield’s report and map, Catherine was found about 40 or 50 yards from Rick Trudeau’s driveway, just across the road from his house in some trees. She had left from Trudeau’s house earlier that morning after packing a backpack with provisions she decided she needed. It appears that CoW was concerned about her leaving the group and telling outsiders what’s really going on in the group, which was why they begged the CCSO to find her before she started talking to others.

    • We See Through You says:

      And they delivered Catherine right back to the place from which she was trying to escape. Instead of sitting her down with a warm, comforting beverage behind the safety of closed doors, KNOWING that Catherine’s parents are more than extremely concerned about her well-being, they took it upon themselves to just deliver that silly, little woman right back to the charismatic cow buddies who rule over her…HOW can this possibly end well and without incident?? HOW? Those officers in Wells are NOT looking out for the folks who are the most vulnerable. What is being exchanged in that clandescent little town that is causing police officers to do the WRONG thing and allowing DAs to dismiss the case of an infant’s negligent death??? Something sure does stink in Wells, Texas. CCSO=COW members??? How incredibly convenient would that make things for the boys who are running that “church”? HOW close is this cult to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office? That might be something to explore further, Mr. Hankins.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Lufkin FBI have stated that if there is a crime committed they would get involved!!!! Mr. Hankins your expertise knowledge is a True Blessing to so many – THANK YOU! From what you have so meticulously Investigated and shared it seems as though the FBI should be stepping in on MANY levels. Cherokee County is NOT upholding the “Oath” and “Law” they are bound to…
      What is everyone waiting for? There is a REAL problem in Wells, TX. I am a law abiding citizen BUT at some point ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If Cherokee County is going to be BFF’s with the CoW and FBI isnt going to step in…why don’t all the families, friends, loved ones of those in the CoW who REALLY want their loved ones out go to Wells at the same time! Start knocking on doors and TAKING YOUR CHILDREN!!! Is Cherokee County going to arrest 400 people at once? You would make NATIONAL NEWS – TAKE A STAND – DO IT FOR YOUR CHILDREN! I would imagine someone (FBI) would take notice!!!

      • Iknowthetruth says:

        Thank you Mr. Hankins for another informative, eye opening article. As a parent of one of the CoW members held spiritually hostage, I truly appreciate all your efforts to expose this cult for what it truly is. And as per Anonymous’s request that all the parents go to Wells, and just drag our adult children home, that is not going to work. They do not want to come home as they are under the complete mental and physical control of their “elders”. Forcible extraction is illegal and is rarely effective and can cause irreparable damage. If all the parents arrived at once, that would just prove their “persecution” by the world. It would only threaten the little contact we are allowed with our loved ones. This is a true nightmare for the loving families that are trying to endure this situation. There are no easy answers.

        • anon says:

          Couple of points to make here.
          It doesn’t come to the surface much, but the fact is that most of these young adults come from similar backgrounds to begin with, taught to them by parents. When the kids rebuke and correct their reprobate “backslidden” families, it resonates. Parents wonder if kids are right and question their own salvation. They have to check themselves and go to prayer to sort it out. And parents are really uncomfortable and reluctant to discuss these matters with the unsaved secular world. They believe no one else can understand. Everybody has a different idea of what “saved” is, but here’s the short definition: if you have to ask, you aren’t.
          So, no, they aren’t going to march into Wells.

          “…that would just prove their “persecution” by the world. It would only threaten the little contact we are allowed…”

          This is all kinds of contradiction. Fear talking.

          Persecution – These guys were singing this song, saying the same things the same way, long before your kids ever joined this group. When they had a few followers and parents said – hey what happened to my kid – they were able to personalize it. It’s a control tool.
          Conveniently, at the same time, it’s also a biblical thing: they need persecution to validate their righteousness and holy mission. If they don’t get it here, they’ll look for it over there. It’s not personal.

          Contact – You can’t lose what you don’t have. Assuming that most of what’s being said is true, there are few real relationships with anyone outside the group. Are there any? Because that’s their doctrine. It’s simple: they can’t and won’t. That won’t change.

          What you have is an ongoing negotiation with “Christian” guerrillas. You want something they’re not interested in. They have objectives and agenda that are not consistent with yours. They have no intention of changing. They think you will – it’s the only reason for contact. If you don’t, they don’t much care; there’s a victory in there somewhere for them. They can frame it in whatever spiritual rationale they like, it is what it is. A battle and a victory. On an uneven field.
          You have something to lose. They don’t.

          It’s like North Korea. You’re negotiating a peace settlement with people who are invested in conflict and forced obedience and like it just fine. You cannot ignore that the conflict is the purpose and the goal, in fact. Learning to speak Korean so you can speak to them on their terms and therefore facilitate a better understanding, is well-intended but pointless.

          So what affects the outcome? Level the playing field and change the goals. Realize that you have nothing to lose, either.

          You can’t force an alcoholic not to drink, so you have no choice but to leave them to their decisions and hope there’s an impetus for change.
          Are you aware that they may come to avoidable harm in the process? Yes. You accept that as their responsibility in the sobriety journey.
          Do you get involved in complicated discussion with the alcoholic about your own motives for not drinking? No.
          The hardest thing to do for a parent of a drug addict is walk away. It’s much easier to stay and plead with them.

          Rethink spiritual enabling.

        • Anonymous says:

          Iknowthetruth, I just want to say first and foremost what I am about to say comes from a place of Love. You are enabling Wicked Men! You are playing into only getting to see or speak to your child rarely because of your enabling. As far as “IRREPARABLE DAMAGE” that is being inflicted by the Wicked Men of the Church of Wells. You said it yourself…your child is under complete mental and physical control (so how do you know that he/she does not want to TRULY be free?) You mentioned forcible extraction is illegal (do you really care- its your child) and you mentioned it “rarely works” give it a whirl it might just be that “rare” time it works and you will have saved your adult childs life! IKnowthetruth, I do not know you but I image that you are a wonderful parent who is heartbroken beyond words…you would not stand back while your adult child was being raped or beat because they did not want you to, it might not work, it would be illegal…JUST ACT – Jesus DID NOT make deals with the Devil or stay away because it confirmed what he taught!

          • Anonymous says:

            Jesus DID NOT make deals with the Devil or follow any of his commands, rules or ideas just because the Devil (Elders of the Church of Wells) said to do so. NOT even for a short visit or call from your adult child being mentally & physically controlled by the CoW. By doing this you are actually being controlled yourself by wicked men (Devil)!

  8. Patricia Grove says:

    My heart my soul my mind is hurting tonite tortured by the unending thoughts of what and why and how has happenned to our daughter Catherine. My heart is deeply saddened that their is such corruption that takes place when Peace Officers are sworn to protect the public women and children … There has been a huge failure in Cherokee County. Thank you to Lamar Hankins for his continued work researching investigating to expose corruption deceit and danger in Cherokee County in this newest article just published and released to the public. Who will act to defend justice and demand action for criminal actions ??? Why not Governor Gregg Abbott …. My prayers are unending day and night.

    • Indie_Anna_Jones says:

      Dear Patricia, I know you and your family’s hearts ache for your daughter and that you are desperate for good news of her. I am so sorry for what your family has been through. Nonetheless, dear one, you don’t have to live in torment until she returns. Your torture won’t bring your daughter home more quickly – it is only destroying you; the enemy of your soul seeks to harm you in any way possible. Rest, peace, comfort, and healing to you as the Holy Spirit comes to you right now to bring you everything you need to draw peaceful breath and bask in His comfort.

      • anonymous says:

        Good words.

        Another thought – when she rejoins you, you won’t be getting back the same person that left. It’s likely to be more challenging for your family than things are right now.
        Perhaps take this time to prepare for that. You’ve got the blessing of a window of opportunity to plan ahead, rather than having to be unexpectedly responsive later on down the road, like when she left.

  9. anon says:

    “Had a midwife licensed in Texas assisted with the birth of Faith Pursley, the regulations that midwives are required to follow would have assured that the baby would have received the medical care she desperately needed.”

    Not necessarily. This group has relationships with licensed midwives and birthing centers in east Texas, specializing in Christian births. Some of these midwives facilitate and enable the leaders’ authority over births; take direction from “the elders” during the delivery. Need permission to follow standards of care and exercise professional discretion. Some of these midwives knowingly violate practice regulations. Do things they aren’t allowed to do. Failed to transfer care when they should have, according to regulations. For example, in Texas, midwives are prohibited from using sharp instruments to advance labor. Church of Wells midwives do.

  10. Lamar Hankins says:

    To anon:

    If you know what you have written about midwives in Texas who serve the CoW, you have a moral obligation, if not a legal one (under other child abuse statutes) to report these midwives to the Texas Midwifery Board. Since you are anonymous, you can choose to allow these abuses to continue to occur or you can behave ethically. That choice, of course, is yours.

    • anonymous says:

      We did just that, Mr. Hankins. In fact, had Ms. Pursley been under the care of a competent licensed midwife to begin with, the midwife probably would have transferred care to a higher level before the baby was even delivered, according to practice standards and regulation. Which could have been a factor in why this birth was unattended.

      We also contacted the Texas Medical Board regarding a board-certified physician alleged to be medical resource and adviser on baby Faith’s death (not illegal) and failure to comply as a mandatory reporter.
      Texas’ mandatory reporter law requires certain professionals to report suspected child abuse or neglect to authorities within 48 hours of a disclosure or discovery. That law applies to clergy members (including lay and self-ordained preachers), teachers, doctors, mental health providers and other professionals. And midwives.

      Indeed, in a bizarre juxtaposition, the three “Elders” are themselves, mandatory reporters.

      Don’t confuse anonymity with moral failure. It doesn’t follow.

  11. I was not referring to the death of baby Faith in my comment, since there was no midwife (to my knowledge) in attendance at her birth. I was focusing on the statement that the CoW uses midwives sometimes who do not follow state regulation regarding their practice. This is what should be reported to the Texas Midwifery Board if their names are known to you or anyone.

    • anonymous says:

      Yes, that was understood.
      Important to note that the Texas Midwifery Board cannot monitor or regulate unlicensed midwives. But does license “direct-entry” or lay midwives.

      • Lamar Hankins says:

        I don’t claim to be an expert on the midwife law in Texas (Ch. 203, Texas Occupations Code), but I note that the statute requires all people practicing midwifery (as the statute defines it) to be regulated and licensed by the Texas Midwifery Board. Certified Nurse-Midwives are exempted because they are regulated by other laws. I don’t understand your comment that the board cannot regulate unlicensed midwives. Its purpose, in part, is to require all midwives not exempted to be licensed and follow the regulations it has adopted.

        • anonymous says:

          The Midwifery Board can’t know who performs midwifery without a license. In other words, it would be impossible for them to investigate.
          If they do have concrete evidence of a specific person, unlicensed, it is not the function and purview of that board to take action. That would be a matter of statutory violation and a different watchdog.

          Texas is known for its readily available “under the table” midwifery.

        • We See Through You says:

          Do we have any idea what Midwifery group may have been willing to come in to assist in the Pursley’s baby’s birth if needed? Does anyone have that info? Please let me know if you do. Thank you.

  12. It is possible for authorities to prosecute medical neglect of children:

    Jury: Parents Guilty of Manslaughter
    by Rhoda Krause
    Published November 10, 2014

    ALBANY, Ore. — After four hours of deliberating Monday evening, a Linn County jury found both Wenona and Travis Rossiter guilty of manslaughter in the first and second degree.

    The couple is accused of recklessly and negligently causing the death of their 12-year-old daughter Syble last year, who died from diabetic ketoacidosis. The state argues the parents should have been aware of the girl’s health problems, and that a reasonable person would have sought medical care. The Rossiters claim they thought their daughter had the flu, which is why they did not bring her to a doctor.

  13. anonymous says:

    Of course it is. All over the country and the world. Just not in Texas.

  14. Indie_Anna_Jones says:

    Mr. Hankins, would you please send me an email? I would like to ask a few questions about your research that might point you in a particular direction, but I’d like to do it in privacy.

    Thank you!

  15. To Indie_Anna_Jones:

    I can’t retrieve your email address from your comment, so please send me an email at

  16. Tarka says:

    I wish Moses would come talk to us… I miss that.

  17. Moses David says:

    Dear Tarka, Lorayne and WSTY, Sorry for my silence for several weeks. As I mentioned before, the discussion had reached a point of unreasonableness, and my time was limited, so I chose to instead seek the glories of Christ. I had the blessed privilege to attend Luke’s wedding with Sophie, and met several church members again, including Catherine. I am truly blessed to know these people, and I pray that God will remove the blinders from people’s eyes to see Christ in them. The aspect of righteous judgment is something done out of love by the adorning of Christ’s righteousness. All that the church members desire to do is to know that their family members are presently in a righteous standing with Christ. If a person humbles oneself before God and His Word, this person is able to understand the motivation behind the church members’ attitude towards them, and they will be able to see its value for oneself to become right with God. I do not know any other church where the love of Christ is so manifest, zeal for His Word so demonstrated, dependence upon prayer so encompassing, and leadership so committed to shepherding. It is refreshing to meet these young men and women who are so filled with joy in the midst of their suffering, and so content while having so little! I am praying that the families of the church members will see Christ in them, and turn to Christ authentically themselves. There is nothing that can satisfy a person like Christ does! “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places,” in the narrow way of Christ. “He fills me with drink from the river of His delights,” “in His presence there is fullness of joy” Taste and see that the Lord is good” in His narrow way, in the light of His instruction, in the rod of the Father’s discipline, in the power of His Spirit, in brokenness and in contriteness. May God bless you all to be saved in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Love in Christ, Moses.

    • We See Through You says:

      So Moses, you say that you saw Catherine. Can you share with those who care so deeply about her and who have been loosing sleep over her condition some of your observations of Catherine Grove? How is her appearance? Does she seem energetic and healthy, or lethargic and withdrawn? Is she allowed to go out on her own or must she be accompanied but your daughter, Preethi, or someone else? Is she speaking out loud at all? It would be a great blessing if you could share your personal observations of Catherine Grove in as much detail as possible. Please share what you know about this missing daughter so that her parents feel confident that she is still alive and that she is doing well. Thank you, in advance, for your kindness.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear WSTY, We took a video during one of the songs in the wedding in which there is a brief moment when Catherine is seen to be singing with joy. I gave the file to Luke Trostle, but the quality of the video is poor. God willing they will share the video. Catherine visited Mercy and I by herself when we were in Preethi’s house, and we had a blessed time with her. We shared some brussels sprouts and persimmons with her since she enjoys them! Love in Christ, Moses.

        • We See Through You says:

          Once again you have responded to a request about Catherine Grove’s wellness and PROOF of life, with nothing but balderdash. A brief moment of poor quality video which has yet to be seen or analyzed? A visit with you and Mercy that occurred in your daughter’s home when you gave her some brussels sprouts and persimmons because “she enjoys them”! And yet, YOU could have reached out to the Grove family to let them know that you might be seeing their daughter. YOU could have asked them if there was anything that they wanted to get to their beloved child such as some letters or photos or even just some kind words…But YOU didn’t. We do not believe you, Moses David. YOU are covering up for something absolutely horrendous unless you decide to be a MAN, and PROVE otherwise. If you do have a video that you gave to Luke Trostle, SEND IT TO CATHERINE’S parents! Put it into an envelope and mail it to them! Stop allowing twenty-something year old barely adults, turn YOU into an indecent man. Be someone’s hero instead of being someone’s fool. If Catherine is alive and well, PROVE IT.

          You have been challenged.

          • Moses says:

            Dear WSTY,
            It was Luke’s wedding after all, he should have the freedom to publish it. I requested this to be shown, so those who are grieving for Catherine would see her joyful countenance in this hymn. Regarding her parents, frankly, the situation would greatly improve if they are not so hostile towards Catherine’s church family. I pray that their eyes will be open to see Christ in Catherine and in the church members. Love in Christ, Moses.

  18. Q says:

    All that the church members desire to do is to know that their family members are presently in a righteous standing with Christ.

    Great. That’s much more clear than the tens of thousands of enigmatic words so far. So that’s all.
    How will the church members know that? What’s the process of evaluation to know family members are righteous?

    If a person humbles oneself before God and His Word, this person is able to understand the motivation behind the church members’ attitude towards them, and they will be able to see…

    Not so good. Emperor’s New Clothes. A person can understand and see, if they are special too. If a person does not see, there is a failure. No other possibility exists.

    So going back up to the first statement – how will church members know? – they will know when family members agree. Can there be other positions? No.

  19. Donna says:

    Just to be clear, “Moses,” Sean, Jacob, Cory, Ryan, and the others are NOT the righteous police.You can NOT make claims that they are more righteous than any of the rest of us. They don’t get to decide. Also, the previous discussions did not reach a point of unreasonableness. You don’t get to decide that. The discussions reached a point where you were being caught in lies. I hope you took time away to ask God for forgiveness. If you weren’t such a proud man, you would apologize for that. Period.

    Love In Christ,


    • Moses says:

      Dear Donna,
      I do not know who you are, but I love you in the Lord Jesus Christ. Liars belong in the lake of fire.
      Love in Christ,
      Revelation 21:6-8
      6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

      7 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

      8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

      • Lorayne says:

        You don’t love Donna. You don’t know Donna. I have seen the love of COW. If the love was so easily given the Groves would of been welcomed into their home. Not been given trespassing warnings before even getting to talk to their daughter. You are so misinformed Moses. Unfortunate. It is. You ignore what people are telling you they are doing. But go ahead. Be robbed blindly by these fools. Every time you say those boys have love in their heart I throw up. One day, your eyes will be opened.

  20. Q says:

    No, Moses, you don’t love “Donna.”

    Your sect has redefined the words ‘love’ and ‘truth’ to mean something other than what these common English words do. The meaning of words isn’t merely agreed-upon convention. It’s tens of thousands of years of linguistic development linked to original Greek and Latin.

    It’s not possible to change these words in 6 years, by men born 25 years ago. And why would they/you want to?


    Language is soul. Language is intellect. Language is personhood and culture. Language is a common bond among humans. The ability to speak and communicate concepts is what separates us from animals.

    You need to understand that neither your daughter and Sean Morris, nor Ryan Ringnald and Jake Gardner, yourself, or any other young man in this group is the Christ child returned to earth, or the Messiah, or reincarnations of the apostle Paul or angels or specially endowed with magical gifts or the authority to represent God on earth. This is magical thinking.

  21. Q says:

    Sean – Anglicized Seán, means old in Irish. Gaelic.
    Preethi – variety of meanings, depending.. Love, promised, joy, affection, adored, etc. in Tamil, ப்ரீதி. ప్రీతి. Common Hindu name.
    Ryan – Ó Riain. Irish. Little king (maybe). Also Arabic from the Quran: the “gate of paradise” dedicated to those who fasted often in their lives.
    Jake – Jacob. Latin Iacobus; from Greek Ἰάκωβος, Iakobos; from Hebrew לעקוב

    These are words. They’ve become names, or identifier of people. Because we do that in the human race.
    You can change these people’s name if you want to. But you can’t change the words and meanings. Because they mean something. It is, what it is.
    You can choose to speak some other language, if you like (you did). You can make up your own language and speak only that (you kind of have with the Elizabethan period auld English). But you have no power or authority to change linguistics. The meaning and context of language. The way the world communicates.
    You know what your daughter’s name is and what it means. To pretend something else is foolishness, hypocrisy and falsehood, isn’t it?

    The word ‘truth’ is synonymous with the word ‘reality’.

  22. Lamar Hankins says:

    I have two responses about what Moses David has written about his feelings and Catherine.

    1. I find it confusing that MD uses verses from Psalms and writes as though the comments expressed are about Jesus Christ. The Psalms were written by different individuals at different times, at least 600 to 1000 years before the birth of Jesus. Their words are about Yahweh, not Jesus. One’s theology might attribute their references to Jesus, but the words are from Hebrews of that period written about Yahweh.

    2. As to Catherine. On October 6, I wrote a letter to Catherine, sending it certified/RRR to both P. O. Boxes 885 and 861. The 861 letter was returned to me as undeliverable around October 21. The other letter was returned to me as undeliverable on November 18. In the letter to Catherine, which no one in the CoW saw, I offered Catherine an opportunity to meet with me in a neutral and safe (for her) environment so that she could explain her views of all that has happened. I promised to record her words exactly as she spoke them so that everyone concerned about her well-being could have her unencumbered viewpoint. I gave her assurances that no one knew about my writing her (it was entirely my idea, which I discussed with no one in advance of writing her) and that I would keep such a meeting completely private until I published what she had to say.

    I have no way of knowing whether she learned about the letters and chose not to pick up either one of them, or whether the “elders” prevented her from receiving them. I believe that hearing directly from Catherine in this way would have been a blessing for both her family and those others who are concerned about her. Whether she would have agreed, I may never know.

    • Moses says:

      Dear Lamar,

      The New Testament describes the Exodus generation as those who have been baptized into Christ. Jesus Christ refers to the words of king David in Messianic Psalm 110 to say that He was the Messaiah that David referred to: “The LORD says to my Lord: ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.”

      Concerning your letters to Catherine, I have no comment, since I do not know anything about them. From what I have observed, Catherine does not seem to be interested or engaged in extraneous people or events, she is mostly focused upon God, she loves to sing hymns, and to be in the company of her church family.

      Love in Christ,


      • Just wondering says:

        Something has ‘snapped’ in this young lady’s brain. This is not normal even in the slightest. True love, in Christ, would draw her out to be reasonable and have a private meeting with her parents, family, and friends. Yes, she had Christian friends BEFORE the CoW. I propose someone that loves Catherine and cares enough would take her by the hand and lead her to do this. If all of the people she has ever known and those that love her cannot reach her / it will take someone from the ‘inside’. Someone that has a real concern…and a conscience!

        • Just wondering says:

          For you Moses,
          “Abusive communities exist on a spectrum as far as controllingness goes. It seems useful to think in terms of two tiers of such communities: a tier of fervent communities that are formed around a sincere belief but devolve into abusive practices, and manipulated communities, that combine a psychopathic leader and strong conditioning against self-protection. Many communities are manipulated from the beginning, but it is possible for a fervent community to ‘cross-over’ into a manipulated community as the leader functions in an accountability vacuum and moves into more extreme abuse.”~~
          ~~The above is an excerpt from ….

        • Moses David says:

          Dear Just Wondering, I think that she might be interested in a private meeting with her parents if they were not in the mindset of unreasonable aggression towards her life with her church family. This is my personal opinion, but God can change things from both sides, and I am praying for that. Love in Christ, Moses.

          • Patty says:

            Dear Moses I’ve read enough on here of your continued meanness towards our family. What is your purpose and what is your goal in continuing to criticize our family ? All we as a family is to have a normal daughter parent relationship with our daughter Catherine. We have not been saying or writing doing anything in anyway to warrant Your slanderous statements above. You in fact have no reason no justification no evidence that we have done anything to be hostile. I have no idea what you are talking about. Our last communication with Catherine was last spring and she said we could come see her and we have not heard from her since. We are very busy working hard to go forward with our lives after losing all contact with one of our precious kids that we love so much. We are active in outreach to others, working on our farm, building a fruit orchard, raising horses, building a business and spending time with our kids friends and family. We in fact have no way to reach Catherine or to speak with her. we have never not once said anything negative about Catherine we are still waiting to hear from our daughter when we can come see her or she wants to come see us or how she is. We are very loving kind merciful hospitable people and we very much are connected in serving others … Hostile is a very unsuitable descriptive definition of who we are. Waiting Living Walking by Faith in the Sovereign Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

          • Just wondering says:

            Moses and all of CoW,
            I just read the Grove’s post to Catherine from the grandparent’s home and Patty’s post to you below. It is beyond CRUEL ~ it is PURE EVIL ~ for Catherine to withhold her love and any contact with her family. That was not her manner before the CoW came into her life.
            You have had an ungodly horrific tragic influence in this young lady’s life and the ripple effect is beyond comprehension. It is the same way I feel but our traffic ripple effect was only money and inanimate objects done with the hands of CoW as a team known as Charity Construction. I am really hoping that God will use the skills, expertise, knowledge, years of experience, interest and CARE that Mr Hankins has shown in his research and writing. God uses people, ways and means. Even You, CoW leaders and sheeple Proverbs 16:18

          • guest says:

            “…our traffic ripple effect was only money and inanimate objects done with the hands of CoW as a team known as Charity Construction.”

            What does that mean?

          • Anonymous says:

            That was meant to be TRAGGIC not traffic. We just discovered yesterday even more incompetency done by CoW via Charity / from a year ago…ripple effect.

          • Anonymous says:

            I meant to say -traggic- not traffic. The ripple effect means it is ongoing problems the CoW construction did on our property -we found more yesterday and it has been a year. They clearly did not care that God was watching them.

  23. anonymous says:

    I am a mother. I have tragically lost a person that I gave birth to nurtured loved admonished from the day they were born, to a group of men in Wells, Texas who falsely and darkly claim they love God. Our family has been violated by these men. I am incredibly grieved of the consequences and results of these men’s actions that have led to the demise of this person’s separation from all of their family and friends. There is no righteous standing nothing honorable nothing lovely or Godly as Mr. David describes in alienating loved ones from their family. It is pure wickedness pure evilness pure darkness. There is no light in what these men are doing and have done. May God bring just judgment upon their lives quickly severely and fiercely in order that their abuse and torture of people will be brought to an end and that prayer is also extended to Mr. David as he is an accomplice to their evil and wickedness.

  24. guest says:

    Mr. David, why did you delete Kelsey’s post on your facebook? Why not answer her questions?

    • Moses David says:

      Dear Guest, Answering her questions in the public arena would require exposing the sins of some slanderers, which are not warranted at this time. We are in private communication with Kelsey about her post. Love in Christ, Moses.

      • guest says:

        You (Church of Wells) publicly chastise, rebuke, slander all kinds of people in all kinds of ways, from Facebook to testimonies on the ‘official’ website, to sermonizing with a personalized spin, to criticizing and condemning individual preachers and theologians by name.

        You rationalize all of it as God’s doing.

        “Private communication” = internal ‘church’ discipline.

  25. Kelsey says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I was notified of a mention of me on this page and felt the need to say something.

    I just wanted to make it known that the CoW has not been ‘slandered’ by anyone we have spoken to. This has been accused multiple times but it is not true. Genuine concerns have been brought up about public doctrinal statements and public practices. I have NOT been told of personal details, personal interactions or any other sort of gossip by a certain individual (s). The church and Moses will know who I am referring to. As far as the concerns I addressed on the post that was deleted only one issue would have involved another person and could have been easily addressed without including any personal details.

    2 Corinthians 8:21 – Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.

  26. Donna says:


    You don’t know what love is.

    Love in Christ,


  27. Q says:

    Chiang spoke slowly and watched the younger gull ever so carefully. “To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is,” he said, “you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived …”
    The trick, according to Chiang, was for Jonathan to stop seeing himself as trapped inside a limited body that had a forty-two inch wingspan and performance that could be plotted on a chart. The trick was to know that his true nature lived, as perfect as an unwritten number, everywhere at once across space and time.

  28. Behind the Scenes says:

    Why is it that any of you want to hear from Moses? You certainly do not agree with anything he says, Moses is a part of this group and a problem. I suggest spending your precious time writing, meeting and communicating with organizations and each other that can and will support your cause. Arguing and proving points/facts to Moses is frankly getting you nowhere. You are wasting time and energy on the Devil! This man does not know Catherine let alone anyone else in the group like their own Loved Ones. Focus on what is important (not the opinions of Moses) – stop wasting time -your children and grandchildren need help!

    • Lorayne says:

      They are also working those angles. Never hurts to continue to chip away at the devil in disguise. JS. Many angles are being worked.

    • Lorayne says:

      And. We just like to hear Moses contradict himself.

      • We See Through You says:

        And Mr. Moses is one of those Devil’s in disguise who also likes to stir the cauldron while focussing attention upon himself. Moses David does not even know what Moses David thinks about anything anymore. The brainwashing seemed to have worked quite efficiently on him. He seems to be forever lost now, quite a shame…

  29. Behind the Scenes says:

    If everyone would research, write , make calls (be resourceful) – like Mr. Hankins. Put your names and faces out there in the public as the Grove Family has. This would break this group down …we need to Fight for what is right and expose the Truth! You need to be heard and not by Moses or The Church of Wells. I am sure Mr. Hankins and The Grove Family would appreciate the help!

  30. guest says:

    We are in private communication with Kelsey… Love in Christ, Moses.

    Dear Moses, what does it take to be able to privately communicate with you and the Church of Wells leadership? What’s the criteria to merit a response from you? How does one open a dialogue?

  31. We See Through You says:

    I will be sleeping on all of this tonight. So many things are blatantly wrong, and yet you hold them up as if Rabbi Jesus actually said these things himself. So much convulsion and squeezing puzzle Pieces into spaces where they don’t belong. Moses, you are very cold to the Grove family which SAYS SO MUCH MORE ABOUT YOU AS A HUMAN BEING THAN ANYTHING ELSE THAT YOU WRITE. You do know the truth, but you refuse to face it. It’s sad, really. Very, very sad.

    Sleep well-Moses David, that is if you are able to considering how many precious families you have contributed to tearing apart.

    • Lorayne says:

      Very true. He is. And he knows. He knows the amount of money he has given COW to support their illegal activities. He knows Catherine is not ok. His daughter is not ok. He knows those boys are CON men. But he has his entire reputation on COW. Wish he would just take the fall and stand UP AGAINST EVIL. You will be forgiven Moses. But I am not sure you are man enough at this point.

  32. stacy says:

    I follow and continue to participate in this very sad and devestating life situation. There are MANY people helping…Some out in the open and some behind the scences ( some family, friends, loved ones or just community) No matter who or how it is so appreciated and helpful. What I can’t seem to understand is why there are some that are so QUICK to attack those that post ideas or solutions they are providing to this horrible situation – ! I feel that if anybody should be questioned or asked what they are doing it should ABSOLUTELY be the Church of Wells, Cherokee County Law & the FBI! Blessings to those that are active in this fight and for being PRO ACTIVE…every idea counts.

    • We See Through You says:

      I am with you on this Stacy-One can never, ever be privy to all that is being done “behind the scenes” in order to rescue the poor individuals who WANT to be rescued from these monstrous cult leader hostage holders. I just pray that things happen at a safe pace that will enable both surprise AND a peaceful ending.

  33. Q says:

    Mr. David, I respectfully ask that you explain how baby Faith Pursley gained salvation.

    Thank you.

  34. observer says:

    Mr. Hankins, have a look at The Family International. Startling similarities. Sean Morris didn’t invent this.

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