Moral High Ground: Elusive for the US Government

I will take some issue with Professor Cole, insofar as he does not acknowledge the extent of the bad behaviour by the United States government over the years, regardless of the political party in control. He writes as though it is only the Bush/Cheney regime that tortured and violated the Geneva Conventions. He is wrong – every administration since the Geneva Conventions were adopted has bent the rules a little, or a lot, depending on political expediency. Let’s not pretend that the United States is the role model for the world. Other nations are aware that the US is actually the greatest terrorist threat, not these small extremist groups around the world.

Let’s be completely clear about the facts. And the first fact is that the US never had the moral high ground in this discussion.

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The picture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed deliberately released by the CIA in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

US Has Lost Moral High Ground on Treatment of Prisoners
By Juan Cole / July 22, 2009

The US military has, understandably and correctly, condemned the coerced video of a US soldier taken hostage by Taliban in Afghanistan.

But I fear that the argument that the public humiliation of prisoners is against international law won’t take the US very far after 8 years of Bush-Cheney.

After the evidence surfaced that the US military took all those humiliating pictures of prisoners at Abu Ghraib to blackmail them by threatening to make them public, the US assertion of support for this principle of the Geneva Conventions will be met with, well, let us say substantial skepticism.

In fact, as I was reminded by a former ambassador, the Bush-Cheney-Yoo-Armitage gutting of US conformance with the Geneva Conventions really makes it difficult for Washington credibly to complain about the treatment of any of our captured soldiers. The Taliban could hold the soldier hostage forever if they follow the principle put forward by Sen. Lindsey Graham. They could (God forbid) put him in stress positions naked and threaten to release the pictures to his family, and they would have done nothing that Rumsfeld’s Pentagon had not done routinely and on a vast scale.

The US refusal to so much as investigate American officials implicated in torture and breaking international law also does not help us gain credibility on seeing to it that those who mistreat our troops are tried on those charges. We even have Dick Cheney defending waterboarding, for which Japanese generals were tried and executed after WW II. It is disgusting.

And huffing and puffing that the Taliban are not a government won’t get us very far either. They control 10 percent of the country.

You obey the Geneva Conventions and the rest of international law on the treatment of captives because it gives you the moral high ground with regard to the treatment of our troops. Not doing so endangers every single one of our men and women in uniform. The chickenhawks who called such international agreements ‘quaint’ and outmoded should be drafted and sent to the front.

What is really scary is that the shadowy set of secret military and intelligence teams charged by Cheney to break international law are continuing to do so despite President Obama’s orders to cease torture. Obama had better get a handle on this issue, because it could well blow up in his face, in fact, Cheney may intend it to do so. I think there are still people in the US government who take their cues from the latter rather than the former.

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6 Responses to Moral High Ground: Elusive for the US Government

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, let’s equate a dull machete beheadings, drilling holes through skulls, removal of fingers (and ‘other’ body parts), ambush attacks and hidden bombs with ‘humiliating pictures’ and ‘simulated’ water boarding (complete with attending physician). High ground my ass.

    10% of the Afghanistan – NOW! Yes let’s mollycoddle those misunderstood terrorists and get the real bad guys: Cheney and Bush!

    CHICKENHAWKS?! Funny, most those I hear use that term also didn’t serve their country, but feel free to bludgeon others with the term. I have a label for them: CHICKENHAWK HYPOCRITE! Cluck, Cluck. Tell us Mr. Cole, exactly what branch of the service did YOU serve in? What conflict did YOU fight in? Cluck, Cluck.

  2. Anonymous says:

    dear anonym-ass.

    out of sight, out of your mind, eh?

    high-flying U.S. jets and low-flying copters blasting the shit out of innocent people by the multiple thousands, but you focus on small potatoes stuff of machetes and drills on a relatively small number of people. both are horrible war crimes, yet you show your bias for ignorance to not even consider anything but your own argument. a humanist you are not. your ignorance is self-taught.

    besides, dozens (likely a lot more) of innocent prisoners have died under brutally sadistic U.S. interrogation in Iraq and Afghanistan (extended torture!) for which even the Pentagon lists “homicide” as the cause of death. I imagine that your ignorance doesn’t even extend to wanting to know about these and other U.S. atrocities. And certainly the historical U.S. atrocities by the multiple millions aren’t considered in your world of fingerpointing and paranoid blaming.

    and so what if Juan Cole or anyone else hasn’t served in the military? I’m imagining that you have, or perhaps you wouldn’t have brought it up, but, if so, your presence in uniform is certainly nothing to recommend the armed services as a calling or career. quite the opposite. without a doubt, you would lower the standards.

    Telling you like it is,


  3. Anonymous says:

    Larry has certainly broadened the topic from the piece’s content. I wonder, since it appears he too has not served, what first hand proof he has of all his allegations – The Nation? Mother Jones? Unfortunately these are derivative publications heavy on allegation and opinion, but usually devoid of first hand fact.

    Offering your opinion Larry is not the same as telling it like it is. When you make definitive statements about people you don’t know, you only reveal your prejudice and ignorance.

    I think the topic revolves around treatment of prisoners Larry. Perhaps for more insight on this, you should read the interrogation memos and learn just what a priority it was to maintain the rule of law.

    “anonym-ass” makes a good point on Cole’s non-service. Typically those crying chickenhawk the loudest, are also guilty of avoiding service (the chicken in chickenhawk), but feel they’re entitled to a pass because they’re enlightened. Wonder how much peace they’d be enjoying, and rights to criticize, if everyone ducked their duty.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I say we waterboard Larry.

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. I agree with what Richard said:

    Other nations are aware that the US is actually the greatest terrorist threat, not these small extremist groups around the world

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