Only a Melanoma Awaaaaaaaaaaaaay

It’s only one Melanoma Away
(to the theme song from the Titanic)
By Diane Stirling-Stevens / The Rag Blog / September 4, 2008

For Sarah Palin,

Every time I see you, I fear you’ll be
Every night I hope you’ll live

Each time you stumble, I worry and
“Why didn’t I remain in the

Near, far, wherever you are
When I ride in that car
To the White House
…or shoot grouse
I worry,
‘Dear John, are you
‘gawn, gawn, gawn’…………………..

I was just a ‘guvnah’ – a lass
From Alaska
Kicking ass – raising glass
In the North

I was keeping secrets; chasing egrets
No regrets, then we met
And you said the White House
We’d ‘get’….

You showed me your white face
Your puffed face
Asked me to
‘keep pace’
‘…join your race’…
……Could I help you

Clear, now, I don’t really
Know how
To lead and I’m reluctant
To say,
You’re old; you’re
Sick, you’re no
your wife
Is a bitch
….I wanna
“You’re only a Melanoma

“Only a Melanoma awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.”

I know it’s not ‘perfect’, but close enough for ‘government work’ …

The Rag Blog

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