Short Attention-Span News : Tweet-ening the Pot

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Short Attention-Span News

By Mariann G. Wizard / The Rag Blog / June 29, 2009

Help Army Nat.Guard Lt. Dan Choi, fighting discharge 4 being gay, NOW:

* * *
92 city cops n Hidalgo busted by Mexican federales, charged w/providing info, security 2 Zetas cartel, @$230-380/2 wks. Muy barata, ¿sí?
* * *
Luis Posada Carriles, who bombed Cuban airliner in 1976, killing 73, has escaped Venezuelan prison, lives freely n Miami. See:
* * *
Republicans didn’t have cojones 2 nominate Colin Powell when he could have been 1st Black Pres.; now say he’s left party – as n disinvited?
* * *
GM 2 reinvent self? Rebuild Jeep Cherokee (unGrand), “the SUV that wdn’t die”, w/better mileage, cupholder; don’t mess w/size, reliability!
* * *
Chicago Cubs Mgr Lou Piniella defended Geovany Soto (C), who tested positive 4 pot during World Baseball Classic; said he’d once tried weed.
* * *
Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), best known “weed” n world, was human food, medicine b4 use of writing. Bitter digestive, diuretic, detox.
* * *
Man n Iran said young women w/out headscarves danced n streets 4 Mousavi. “I’ll vote 4 Ahmadinejad; if Mousavi wins, they’ll dance naked.”
* * *
Weirdest group-dancing-2-Michael-Jackson-music video-on-You-Tube: smiling, bearded Saudi men n full desert garb, moonwalking & getting down.
* * *
Last word: MJ, dancing, & Iran, you-must-see:
* * *
From Liz, Jeff,, Mike E & Kasama, @WEEDMASTER & WeedPlay Marijuana News, The Week, HerbClip, American-Statesman, & The Daily Show.

Mariann Wizard, @Pollyanna46

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3 Responses to Short Attention-Span News : Tweet-ening the Pot

  1. Mariann says:

    ooops — dandelion is, of course, Taraxacum officinale, not Taraxascum (blush)!

  2. Done been corrected Miz Wiz….

  3. I liked the title of the post – that’s a good one!

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