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John Perkins : Occupy the Dam

Three hundred indigenous people, small farmers, fisherfolk, and local residents occupied the Belo Monte Dam project at the Xingu River, Brazil, on June 15, 2012 Photo by Atossa Soltani / Amazon Watch / Spectral Q. Go here for photo essay. … Continue reading

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Larry Ray : Amazon: Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

Graphic, with a tad of Photoshop by Larry Ray, from Mobile Reference.Amazon: Don’t call us, we’ll call you(Or: Dude, my shoe’s got a square toe) By Larry Ray / The Rag Blog / August20, 2010 OK, I should never have … Continue reading

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Fight for the Amazon : The Planet’s at Stake

A police helicopter takes away indigenous protesters who have been arrested in the Peruvian rainforest. It returns later and is used to fire tear gas at protesters. Photo by Thomas Quirynen and Marijke Deleu / Independent, U.K.A fight for the … Continue reading

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Crackdown in Peruvian Jungle; Indigenous Leader Seeks Asylum

Alberto Pizango, leader of Peruvian indigenous communities, speaks during a news conference in Lima. Photo from Reuters / Guardian, U.K. UPDATE: See ‘Peru: 60 dead as Garcia Regime sends police to attack indigenous road blockade,’ at Axis of Logic, with … Continue reading

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Peruvian Rainforest : Tribes Blockade Roads and Rivers, Government Troops Move in

Huge parts of Peru’s rainforest are threatened by government deals with several multinationals. Photo by / Paul A Souders / Corbis. Ecology and culture at stake say environmentalists, as government plans to exploit rainforest for oil, gas and timber. By … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Kindle: A New Way to Burn Books?

“Empty Bookshelves.” (Library for the Faculty of Philology at the Free University Berlin, Germany. Architect: Norman Foster.) Photo by svenwerk.Kindle e-reader: A Trojan horse for free thought Amazon and other e-media aggregators know that digital text is the irrational exuberance … Continue reading

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